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  1. If anyone else isn't in the loop (like me), here's a quick video to recap it! https://youtu.be/yFgwZhhOfs4
  2. Whoops, I just realized there's already a topic dedicated to this over in Coming Attractions. My bad!
  3. Foreword: Take this with a grain of salt, as I haven't been to the park since July. I found this video titled "Is Son of Beast RETURNING to Kings Island?" while browsing YouTube today, and I thought it was just clickbait or something, but it actually brought up some great points! As the video describes, there are posters in both Kings Island and Cedar Point hinting towards the ride (mentioning Outpost 5 and the type of wood SOB was built with), and fragments of wood have recently been placed near SOB's "grave" in Banshee's queue. I know that many of you (me included) think that our next roller coaster is going to be a giga, but my mind might have been changed. The video's short, give it a watch and tell me what you think! I've included a link below: https://youtu.be/yFgwZhhOfs4
  4. Thanks for helping me with my question, everyone! Good to know it keeps the coaster stable.
  5. I've kinda been curious about something at KI for a bit. I know that some coasters' supports shake and rock (ex: Vortex), and I've heard on these forums that it's meant to do that, and even safer than still supports. Would someone care to explain how this works? Oh, and if this needs to be in another topic, let me know. Thanks!
  6. If you mean when I said it, it was during. (I had to interrupt.) If you mean when we were friends, before, during and after. I was taking her to KI for her 2nd time, and she hadn't rode Invertigo yet. In case you're wondering, she enjoyed the ride greatly. Hopefully I answered your question correctly, even if it was a joke. Hehe
  7. While in line for Invertigo: "They would totally be able to run 2 trains on this! They'd just have to put them both on a lift hill, let one launch, and once it gets to the other lift hill, the other would launch!" Her friend brings up this point: "How would they get off the ride?" She responds, "They would take those stairs! *points to set of stairs on the lift hill* Obviously!" P.S. I may or may not have been her friend.
  8. Banshee: If this is your first "looping" ride/coaster, prepare to be in for a shock. In my opinion, the inversions keep repeating over and over, which will most likely make you dizzy for a bit. If you get sick often, be warned! Firehawk: Can and will be thrilling your first time! The first turnover will frighten you to say the least, but you'll be used to it by the end. Wait times are long! Delirium: One of the best views in the park! I would ride multliple times to see different perspectives of Action Zone. However, looking up at almost any time can be disorienting. Greatest flat ride I've ever been on. I can't offer any other rides, as I have not been on them, but I will give you some advice. First of all, I would ask the girl if she would be ok for you to hold her hand. Or if you're afraid of her reaction, just ask for her arm instead. It will seem less "romantic" for lack of better words. And I believe Slingshot/Xtreme Skyflyer's prices vary throughout the year, so bringing $50.00 may be safe. (Correct me if I'm wrong). On that note, for a two-day trip I would bring $150.00 just to be safe, and that's just a estimate. Many factors go into what you should and shouldn't do, but I'm just a person on a screen. Good luck with your trip!
  9. Here's what I would like: A B&M giga/wing coaster located in X-Base called Glitch. The track could be light orange, the supports yellow, and the trains yellow or green. And yes, I have too much time on my hands.
  10. When you have dreams of going to KI with friends and family. Every night.
  11. About the phone issue, I have a little something to share. On Diamondback's brake run, my mom got her phone out to take a picture of some tree. It slipped out of her hands and fell into the gravel below. Luckily, the man working there (who was very nice) actually went INTO the gravels as soon as the ride was over to look for it with no results. We had to stay near DB's area until park closing which was when Maintenance arrived. The other very nice man at Maintenance retrieved her phone. it still worked, but it had fallen out of the case and both the screen protector and screen were cracked. This all happened 10/11/15. Mom (who goes through phones often) has already bought and received a new phone. Let this be a lesson to all people with their phones out on a ride: Don't EVER get a device out on a ride, even on the brake run, because it could cost YOU and OTHERS damage.
  12. When I went in 2014, they did. I think it was right next to one of the wave pools. I don't know about this year, though...
  13. I am probably around the age of some of the kids talked about on this topic, and I have three friends (ages 10, 11, and 12) coming with me to Kings Island in a few weeks. The 11 and 12 year olds have never been on a roller coaster and I had taken the 10 year old to Kings Island only recently for their first time at any amusement park. I didn't "force" the 10 year old on anything except two rides: FAAC and Surf Dog. She had thought FAAC was connected to Diamondback and she didn't believe me when I said it wasn't. She was worried about Surf Dog since she had gotten motion sick before, but I was trying to coax her into it to get away from that fear. Fast forward to now, she promises me to ride a roller coaster with a loop, and I let her choose which one and described them all in detail. She surprisingly picked Banshee for her first looping roller coaster, and has convinced the 11 and 12 year olds to ride with us. I'm not afraid of any of the rides and I'm only going to attempt to get them on The Beast, as their first "big" roller coaster. I'm going to let all of the other rides be chosen by them (except for the 11 year old, she got bribed with food to ride everything the 10 year old will ride). I'm just doing this out of love, and out of love for roller coasters. I want them all to enjoy the experience, while still trying things out. I just hope the 10 year old, Rachel, won't get too pushy.
  14. How long will Labor Day lines be? For my birthday, I'll be going with 3 of my friends the day before and I want to be able ride everything I can with them since two haven't been on a roller coaster before.
  15. Got to ride Banshee on Sunday 3 times in a row and everything I visited was a walk on except for Diamondback. I tried to get 5-1 on Vortex but it was out of order and rode right behind it. Roughest Vortex ride ever! Thank goodness the line was short.
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