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A Beautiful day in my little world :)


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Today I found myself wondering aimlessly around the area of Mason. It was a beautiful day. I stumbled across this joint that has rides and such. My car swayed to the left almost as if it were possessed into a nearly empty asphalt lot. I curiously ventured from my car to the front area that reminded me of the entrance to the native fort in the King Kong movie. I entered with a gold bar I found in my pocket. Once inside it was almost empty. To my left I saw a little man selling buckshot and get this, it was different colors and frozen! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Walked towards this huge tower where I can only guess it is used as a lookout tower for every turn there is some sort of big "HUGE" mythical beast screaming on tracks like you would find on a train track.

But all in all, it was a good day at the park I rode a lot of rides in just a few hours.... :)

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My family and I got to spend the day in the park today too. It was the most empty that I have ever seen! The field trips didn't start rolling in until about 11:30 or 12. Until then, EVERY ride was a walk on, and many still were after that! What a great day to ride. We walked straight on to FoF, The Beast, and went to try our luck on DB, but it was down early on. We were scared that our luck had ran out. Alas it got going quickly. I rode it 4 times today, and if I waited a total of 5 minutes total in line for it, I'd be surprised!

I was worried I was gonna have a heat stroke, but that was the only draw back. Lot's of ice water, and I got through just fine.

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