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  1. I actually think that makes sense. Yes they are putting in a new ride and has a lot of people excited, maybe bigger season pass sales with such a great discount?
  2. When most casual visitors think of kI, they think of coasters? HUH? Not necessarily at all. And yes people( a lot of people think and talk about shows) There is a lot to do at KI and not everyone thinks of coasters. I would venture to say most Casual patrons think about a lot more than coasters.
  3. ^ Boy are you dreaming, OH WAIT! You were referring to HW not KI
  4. I do not think TTD was a waste I love it and remember CF is a coaster park so to speak, I am sure they will keep putting a long in the future in the same fashion.
  5. ^Oh you met my ex-wife I for one can not wait for Haunt.
  6. I do not do clowns, dolls or spiders, all other things would be ok to me
  7. But the real question is: How many sets of six are there is there are six in a set?
  8. You are right. I imagine it will be there long after the park if that ever happens.
  9. I always remember the pepperoni being on top of the cheese.
  10. OKOKOK, It is true I am letting the cat out of the bag. Taco Bell is coming to KI. The AZ cafe is where it is going to be then one where The corner bakery used to be located. It is now a useless shop where they sell photos out of
  11. We are lucky with the pizza. It is the same recipe that was used back in the 70's. The one they use in the stores are a little different.
  12. Yes true but I am confident la Rosa's will always be at KI:) Well on second thought
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