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Kings Island 1992 video


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It's amazing what you can find on youtube. Here's a classic video of Kings Island from 20 years ago, when the park was celebrating its 20th birthday (and now look, here comes 40, my how time flies!). This was the final year of Kings Island before Paramount came in, and Phantom Theatre was new. The video can be defined in 3 parts:

Part 1: Reflections On Ice

A classic KI show from 1992, at least some of it.

Part 2: General Park Overview

Footage of King Cobra, Vortex, Antique Cars, and Beast to name a few...plus Scooby Zoom in its original form (now it is Great Pumpkin Coaster)! Mostly from the Eiffel Tower.

Part 3: Phantom Theatre POV :)

A high-quality POV of Phantom Theatre when it was brand new. For those who never got to ride it, here's what you missed. For those who did, here it is again...well, sort of. (Having watched this, with all due respect to Boo Blasters, which is ok, but this ride should have never left and kicks its butt!)

Here's the video itself:

Enjoy! By the way, this was NOT my video...I was only 2 years old when this was filmed! Also not Coasterbob62 this time, either.

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Ugh you make me feel old. I recall when Phantom Theater was new.

Lesson learned that day: If a kid does NOT want to go into Phantom Theater, then avoid it at all costs.

"I ain't goin' in that God darned house, and that guy can't play the piano, either." voiced by my three year old niece, as she ran out of the auditorium,

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:blink: Excellent find ! I can't believe 19 years have passed since that season. Time is an illusion: enjoy and cherish every moment because you can't get 'em back!

Nice to see and hear International Street, Oktoberfest and the Grand Carousel the way they were meant to be seen and heard! Cheers!

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Let me explain my wow... :D ...my wife grew up going to Kings Island, while I grew up going to Cedar Point. My first trip to this beautiful park was not until 2001. She has told me tales of loving Phantom Theater, but I never fully understood until I just watched this video.

Holy cow; now THAT is a dark ride. When I see things like this, it really makes me distraught over what has happened (Cedar Point had a wonderful-for-its-day Pirate Ride that had more dated but similar charm).

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