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  1. I sincerely hope they don't remove the Crypt. Although it is nothing like it was when it was Tomb Raider, it is still one of my favorite attractions. Cedar Fair is horrible at theming - or cheap is a better word, but that doesn't mean it should go.
  2. Boo Blasters and its predecessor Scooby Doo is nothing but a cheap cardboard cutout attraction for babies. Phantom Theater was a far better attraction on par in some ways with Disney's Haunted Mansion. It was dumb for them to take such a classic attraction and redesign it for 2 years old.
  3. I hope you don't hope to get rich working at King's Island. I'm sure they don't pay that great, but it's a good thing to start out with for someone your age. I'm sure the fun may be worth more than the paycheck for some.
  4. ive already been told by two mods and im not doing it anymore, and for me it actually might be a once in a life time thing because im moving to vegas in the next year or so and where im moving theres no amusment parks I see. Well I do hope you enjoy it. I can understand your excitement - I was 16 once. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I went to Halloween Haunt a few years ago and thought it was great. I hope I am able to go this year. Unfortunately, there is no amusement park in Vegas after the MGM Grand Adventures Park closed.
  5. 185139, you need to calm down. You've been spamming all these Halloween Haunt topics.. we know you are "excited", but it happens every year.. it's not like a once in a lifetime thing. This topic should be closed.. I don't know why he keeps opening new topics on the same thing.
  6. I really liked this trip report and the pictures. Very unique pictures.
  7. I like Holiday World, but they need something steel. Their obsession with wooden roller coasters is bizarre.
  8. I'm sorry but there's no way it was anywhere near 12 stories tall. I work in an office building that is 12 stories and that loop wasn't anywhere remotely close to being that tall. Now if you mean it was 12 stories in the air, I guess that's possible (though doubtful), but I refuse to believe the loop itself was 12 stories high. LOL. that's absurd
  9. How is it possible that kids were hugging Nick characters everyday? That seems like an easily invalidated argument. Kids will hug any characters without even knowing who they are. What do you mean Spongebob is old news? Snoopy and Charlie Brown are way old news compared to them.. nobody even cared about them until Cedar Fair resurrected them. With that said, NIckelodeon Splat City (which conformed to Nickelodeon's 90s programming) was far superior to Nickelodeon Universe with the Nicktoon characters. Nickelodeon's heyday is sadly over.
  10. Um no.. the Crypt is an excellent attraction... or is was before Cedar Point.. err Cedar Fair started messing with it. Just like taking the water out of BLSC for no apparent reason.
  11. Remember how the TVs left in The Beast station looked last year? Those TVs would mostly be broken by now, and the Pantel TVs that are in DB's line are really expensive, they'd need to sell quite a few Fast Lane wristbands to make up for the cost of just one. http://panteltv.com/...orproducts.html Uh they didn't need to replace them with Pantel ones. I liked the look of the original box ones and those were not expensive. The TVs should have been replaced as they were worn down. You don't remove theming (i.e. video theming) because the TVs stop working - you replace the TVs. Just like how they ruined the Crypt and The Backlot Stunt Coaster... not everyone has amnesia.
  12. I agree with the main poster. Cedar Fair has ruined the park.. removing theming, removing queue TVs was OUTRAGEOUS. Nickelodeon is much better than Peanuts which nobody watches today. Nickelodeon is the number one rated children's network. Please tell me how an outdated cartoon that enjoyed moderate success at best is better. Even if it wasn't Nickelodeon, they apparently got the rights to the cheapest thing they could find.
  13. Yeah.. such a shame they tore down this timeless attraction (akin to the Haunted Mansion at WDW) to install a boring cardboard cutout style attraction for babies.
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