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In other news, a reader who dropped by Kings Island the other day say they came across some interesting decorations set up for Halloween Haunt near The Beast. A fake graveyard has been built which had gravestones made for many of the park’s old removed rides. Actually, not just rides from Kings Island, they had a few gravestones for rides removed from Geauga Lake as well.

Nothing too odd about all that, however in the display was another item they felt was noteworthy… a dug up grave site with an open and empty casket lying in front. The casket was covered with broken chains all around, as in whatever was inside, had broken free. There were two tombstones behind this caskets, one for Geauga Lake’s old Raging Wolf Bobs, while the other simply said, “My Unloved Son”.

I’ve got to wonder if this is just a standard bit of themeing the park has used for the past few years, or a new little tease to the enthusiast crowds regarding the possible fate of Son of Beast. Anyone know more or have a picture of this?


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