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KI Trip 8/21/13

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I've never done a trip report before, but since yesterday was such a fun and different experience, I've decided to do one. My mom and I always make a point to head out to the park during the last week of daily operation due to the light crowds, and yesterday worked out the best with our schedules. We got to the park just a few minutes after it opened, as we knew rain was a possibility and wanted to get a lot done in case the weather interfered.

We started off with a ride on AE, which had no wait. I headed to The Racer next, which also didn't have a wait. After that we made our way along Coney Mall, riding Monster, Dodgem, BLSC, and Shake, Rattle and Roll. I always enjoy getting to ride some of the flats that may get ignored on other trips with friends and family, since on those days, the bigger thrill rides are the main attractions. We decided to move on to Surf Dog and Boo Blasters next, where I got my highest score yet. We took a break for lunch at Skyline, and then headed to the Scrambler and the Carousel. We heard thunder at this point, so we decided to head for FoF. It seemed a little rougher than usual, but since it was the only time I've ridden it this year, I think I tend to forget how jerky it can be. When we came out, rides were starting to shut down except for some of the Coney flats. The Zephyr was still going, so we headed for that. Had a quick, amusing little chat with a young boy in line. It started raining as we were on the ride, and so we parked ourselves at a dry spot under a tree to wait it out.

The majority of the rides stayed shut down for what seemed at least two hours, could've been more, could've been less, as I didn't really keep track of the time. We spent some time in the Rivertown arcade and noticed the train was running, so we took a ride on it. As someone who hasn't been on the train in ages, I have to say I really enjoyed the nice little tour they give, and every worker we passed along the way waved (including one very, very enthusiastic WWC worker :lol:). I learned some new things about the park along the way as well. The rain finally let up when we got off, the sun came back out and eventually things started running again. We took a quick trip up the Tower to take in the park, and had a nice chance to peek at the Banshee construction. Since the DB line wasn't bad, that was my next stop. I was able to get three rides in before I met up with her again. We rode Monster again, this time with much better spinning action, and I got a ride in on Firehawk with a group of first-timers, who made for an expletive filled but humorous ride. I thought it would be fun to stop at one of the little photo booths afterwards, and we had a good time taking some ridiculous pictures of ourselves. The rest of our day involved a stop for me on Delirium, a few rides on Invertigo (which I now know my limit is two rides per visit), and closing out the day with Viking Fury. We made sure to enjoy one last blueberry ice cream before we left.

Overall, even with the rain delay, it was one of the most best trips I've had to KI in awhile. I actually think being stuck out there with bad weather lets you take part in some things you might not normally do - games, certain rides, etc. - and gives you a more well-rounded park experience. Many trips I've taken out there are spent trying to get as many rides in as possible, so it was nice to not only get a ton of rides in on a variety of attractions, but to do some more under-appreciated things as well. I also want to add that the employees we encountered yesterday were friendly and just awesome in general, making it that much more of a great day.

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