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  1. hmmmm, wonder whats new for 2023?
  2. your link to your yt channel lol thought it was a video i clicked on it im like wtf does this have to do with solar?
  3. Not sure what a video has to do with anything,,,and yeah im sure they could, but WOULD they, probably not.
  4. Thats Six Flags, this is Cedar Fair..lol
  5. Ki will never go solar, lol you know how much they would need to INVEST to power all the lights, then re run the wires, add new lights, as cool as that would be, i HIGHLY doubt it.
  6. About dang time,, they need to INSTALL more and REPLACE what they have now, and finish paving the lot lol
  7. I mean they are adding a whole NEW area so there will be concrete removal and hopefully replaced with pavers!
  8. WCO will be a guided tour this year. Different than the past 3 years https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/winter-chill-out
  9. LOL all good i appreciate that. Yeah people get mad, but better than the park telling us 2 hours before they open.
  10. Winterfest will be closed this friday! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/winterfest/calendar
  11. One of my favorite moments was the actual birthday celebration for Kings Island. I thought that was pretty cool. Being there and making history was amazing!
  12. New flat rides from CGA year round operation is not ideal with the winters we have,, they wouldnt do a "big announcement" like this for year round operation. I could be wrong, but who knows.
  13. Kings Island made 10/30/2022 a Haunt night open until 11pm!
  14. Diamondback is getting painted for the 2023 season. They said that at Coasterstock!
  15. But yet you talk crap about him all the time?
  16. Well said, its going to take a few years to get use to not as much fog.
  17. https://www.fyecoasters.net/post/first-thoughts-on-2022-ki-haunt
  18. oh yeah i have prestige plus, i wonder if it will be open tonight?
  19. what cut back? and yeah ill be there about 1700
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