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  1. I am genuinely grateful for this community and my friends here. Thanks for the support, especially this last year!

  2. Hershey Park this Fri!

  3. I have a comp. exam during Coastermania and HoliWood Nights :(

  4. Like the Avatar (in forums). That's Dominator right?

  5. I really like seeing positive posts from you. Thanks.

  6. I like to say '301 ft of vertical G's."

  7. We're on Point but I have no idea which cabin.

    I'm usually pretty good with faces but also pretty good at missing the obvious so... I would think I'd recognize ya from your avatar but we'll see.

    btw, Gibson is also a David :)

  8. That baby pic looks so much like my buddy's 2 yr old Frankie it's creepy.

  9. Cancelled plans for opening day because the school I work at is making up a snow day. AWESOME. especially with DB and Beast ERT (note sarcasm). But I've got a cabin with 3 of my best friends booked for CP opening weekend.

  10. Cancelled plans for opening day because the school I work at is having a make-up weather day today.

  11. I saw you visited my profile and you on PointBuzz so now I'm all excited for CP's opening day. Hey my crew has a cabin so... if you party...

    Gibson is 6' with a black ponytail and a Goetee.

  12. I LOVE Kings Dominion. I also MISS KI... and CP and Hershey. Who cares. I can see the KD's skyline from my hotel room and I've got 3 1/2 more hours there tomorrow.

  13. Ha. Wouldn't that be collaboration...think of a happy place, optimism?

    I work in an Elem. school, being cool is half my effectiveness. Kids love amusement parks. Works for me.

    Castas? I know the term but don't get the pun.

  14. 74Gibson is skankin' it slow

  15. Annoying isn't it? Can't wait to read you PA TR. I think I'm hitting Kennywood on my way to Hershey this year.

  16. If it was important I'd remember what it was :)

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