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  1. Meanwhile, my family and I had one of our best visits ever. Longest wait was about 30 minutes for WWC. My wait for DB right now will be almost 20. Last night I waited almost 20 for Banshee. Not saying that wasn't busy but, I found the complaints here surprising. You had to expect stupid long lines for $1 anything at KI. So we planned and avoided them unless we saw small lines. Like the 10 minute wait for the pizza we just got in Rivertown. The wreck outside the lot last night looked like a bad case of whiplash. Hope everyone was ok
  2. ^ That's pretty clever. Glad to hear it's running again because it's my favorite flat.
  3. I'm so happy to hear this. Ride Warriors was one of my favorite park trips ever and I can't wait to see the details for Coasterstock. Thank you KI!
  4. I'm so happy to hear this. No more looking at the remaining pieces wishing the organ was there. Can't wait for my next ride.
  5. The new fountain at CP seems pretty popular.
  6. I've worn Mufflehead soup plenty of times but that's noting compared to wearing Goose!
  7. Go to the Meanstreak threads on PBuzz for a good explination of this. Just read RideMan's posts... on anything really, he's brilliant. Basically, without the trims the train has enough speed to interact with the track the way it was designed to. A good example is the first banked turn. Here's a simplified explanation. The train should be going fast enough that it is forced onto the outside track, basically holding it in place. The guide wheels stay in contact with the side of the track. At the lower speed it has now, it shuffles... basically going on and of that rail and shaking the train.
  8. Doesn't matter. The amount of media frenzy and public buzz about it has not been and probably never will be topped.
  9. That looks absolutely incredible. It looks like great pacing with some wonderful transitions. I really wanted a Giga but couldn't be happier.
  10. Notice who is getting likes (support from the community) and who is not.
  11. Touche Maverick was down for for 3 ERT's in a row (my trips that is) and I got sick of waiting in vein and it really hurt my passion for the ride. Skyhawk has only ever been down on one of my trips, Coastermania 2013... and the Thurs. before. Luckily I got to enjoy that day with a good friend. Thanks J!
  12. MacBook Pro or iPhone. I was a long time PC user but am so glad I converted. Still use a Windows 8 desktop at work... I'm so glad I converted to Mac!
  13. Magnum and Skyhawk. Great rides that always deliver and often have short lines. I adore MF but am burnt out on waiting for it. Same thing with Maverick and it has had so much down time past seasons it left a bad taste in my mouth.
  14. ^and very insightful. Sometimes both (learned skill) optimistic imagination (knowledge can be learned... I probably should've voted knowledge though) Good education teach Great poll!
  15. It's like farting. Sure it's your right, but if it stinks I get sick of smelling it.
  16. So I was looking at pics of Time Machine, since it came up in this thread earlier. It got me thinking that all the footers behind slingshot could be a batwing. It kinda fits the shape.
  17. Lots of talk at Pointbuzz and Coasterbuzz about this. I'm 6' and 170 lbs and they hurt my collar bone a bit. 3 rides and my collar bone still had a sore spot that night. A big so what for me. The ride experience was totally worth it. 2 of the people I rode with complained of it restricting their breathing by the brake run. They do get tighter throughout the ride. If you're worried, I've heard from several that pushing the "vest" out at the bottom of the hills helps. Most of all, enjoy your ride. It's an awesome addition and very unique experience.
  18. If Intamin didn't build MF someone else would have. I've heard on good authority that B&M had a bid in but was more expensive than CF wanted to pay. For the record, I adore Intamin coasters.
  19. Make it a kid's ride. Something like..... ummmmmm.... Children of the Corn? Add a theme song by Blue Man Group
  20. It may be a 1 trick pony but TTD is absolutely incredible! As for FOF, I still can't really decide what seat I like best, but it's probably the back. I rode back there like 8 times in a row during Ride Warriors. I think we did something like 13 laps total.
  21. Statements like that and the mentality that produces them are one of the things wrong with the world! Since you obviously don't realize it I can't help but say that you constantly show weakness of character and mind when you talk/type. It took me awhile to word this because I'm trying to be polite.
  22. Terpy, even before I read your reply. I was going to make a joke about TTD front row night rides coming with protein shakes... or splats. I've never actually had bug guts in my eye before
  23. Witches Running Away From Town Folk... the ride
  24. I've done a solo trip to Hershey and had a blast. I can talk to about anybody and I had a ton of fun chatting with so many random people from such different walks of life. I often go to KI with my family and break away for a some laps on DB and It's given me a unique perspective of how fun it can be to fly solo. I also get a lot of rerides as a solo rider. On the other hand, on what was about to be a solo day at CP (day before CoasterMania) I ended up meeting up with Terpy on a days notice. Had I decided to not go, I would have missed out on one of my best park trips ever. The moral of the story, Just go.
  25. Or you're just trying to sound like you know what you're talking about...
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