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  1. I highly doubt that would happen.
  2. See http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/27917-Banshee-construction-progress/page-232#entry600028 for the rattle deal, it's been there since forever, for a specific reason as well..
  3. I could see the loose article deal becoming an issue, unless this isn't a loose article (Say if it was integrated into the restraint or something) However I see a potential for issues with timing..and what do you do in the case of a stack on the brake run? Lift stop, etc. Is it just a black screen or what? It's a sweet concept and could be a game changer if done right, but it's ganna need ALOT of development
  4. All I want and its been said over and over, reprofile the rails and bents to make a more accommodating ride for maint. and guests alike. Maybe then a trim brake removal too. It's layout is very fun, I enjoy twisters. Just needs some worthy tlc and it'd be as fantastic as big blue up front
  5. You can ride without the trim by doing a certain thing..I wouldn't advise..but it actually is a much more fantastic ride that is almost a very enjoyable coaster. It stays on the rails the whole way except for the last turn before the safety brake. I still say I want the Blue Streak trains on Mean Streak however, and fresh graphite on the rails.
  6. Monster always will load two or four arms mainly..running all with full cycle is an operational nightmare and a pain in the ass. We open arms as needed. If I can load one arm sweet, if I need a second, cool, after that I'll clear 1 bring the other arms down, load, lock, and check those, then clear cycle. After cycle bring the first arms down and repeat unload and load procedures, then go to the next. Loading and unloading full arms can take about 7-15 minutes for a one minute cycle depending on guests and difficulty with restraints..so you'll actually eat up more of the line with four arm cycle, make guests happier, and not as much of an operational strain
  7. Just watched the video Six Flags pulled a Kinzel and bought the same ride for practically every park.. Critiques later when I have time.. The way the CEO says world cracks me up..and his eyes go big lol
  8. I invited you to another park that's all I'm saying
  9. ^^You also forgot to include that you are a man and always wrong.. Even if you are in a forest and no woman is around to hear you speak It's just life..
  10. Lol yup..I hear ya.. I just need laundry to finish..0430 wakeup here I come, at least unlike another here they're up and fully ready by that time. That's when I roll out of bed to shave lol
  11. Lol, I'm still slightly recovering..Doing that two weekends back to back with work in between, it takes it's toll. This is the first weekend in three weeks I'm not busy doing something at least.
  12. I'm just upset a bit the Plantation House looks to be removed.. But aside it's a sweet bit of upgrades so far to that park. Quite impressed and happy with what they're doing down there.
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