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  1. I have a question. I've been trying to purchase Fast Lane Plus for Opening Day, and I've tried on the app and on the website and it always gives me this Error message: how do they expect me to buy it if they can't accept my credit card? I have way over the amount of money I need to purchase it. And I'm afraid they're going to sell out if i have to pay with cash on opening day.. "Error Code 592: Due to online security standards your order cannot be processed. Further attempts to process a transaction may result in multiple pending charges by your credit card issuer." *Edit* I didn't realize it said my credit number like that can somebody like delete so i can try and post again cropping that out? Mod edit: replaced the screenshot with text
  2. I was being sarcastic lol. Since Beast closes during Fireworks, Mystic Timbers, can give riders a nice wooden ride at the end of the night without having to wait till 10:45-11 to ride.
  3. The real question is.... Will Mystic Timbers have to close during Fireworks like The Beast has to?
  4. Photo from KingsIslandPR on Snapchat. New Drop Tower Restraints?? I can't tell. *EDIT* It seems as if they've just painted them all black instead of getting new restraints, because the handle bars still look old. Hope im not late on this lol
  5. To be honest, as much as I hate paying for lockers to ride certain rides. If it meant not standing for 90 minutes in the Diamondback line (or any line for that matter) directly targeted by the sun... Count me in!!!
  6. I think I have figured it out. Why are the webcams off all the sudden? Near testing time? The answer is simple (and probably incorrect but it doesn't hurt to try) they turned off the cameras because... they don't want people seeing MT go through the second half of the ride backwards because theres a backwards launch! You're welcome. *I say this post with 0 confidence*
  7. Omg RHOF better be on the dining plan! That's the one time during the day I get a break from the heat(without having to go on a water ride) and actually have a nice meal and good service. Please. Please.
  8. Lol I just realized I said Exit Queue. Silly me.
  9. I really hope they separate the Entrance queue from the Exit queue. It would be awful to sit in line and have someone shout out #Whatsintheshed before everyone in line can experience it. I know I'll probably be walking through the park to Mystic Timbers on Opening Day with my earbuds in on full blast to hopefully avoid that conflict lol.
  10. Behind Dinosaurs Alive? If that's true I am very excited.
  11. A new maze hm? I'm guessing Tombstone is outta here, and maybe putting a new outdoor maze through the back of Planet Snoopy where it's closed off during Haunt? Maybe through the picnic grove route?
  12. I'm guessing something-big for the big 15th anniversary of Halloween Haunt. Maybe they'll bring back a few of the old classic mazes for a year to celebrate! Would love a return of Massacre Manor, The Worksite, and Trail of Terror for a year. How cool would that be?!
  13. No. This announcement was stated as being for 2017 capital. They're not going to announce it over a year early. And Haunt announcement usually comes around Labor Day. Thats right. I knew that I had a brainfart my bad. Still betting on Flat in The Crypt building, also calling it The Crypt. Reusing the name.
  14. Well hang on, now that I think about it, don't they usually announce Haunt mazes/changes and stuff around Mid-August? I'm guessing it may be a very big haunt announcement. I mean considering this year is the 15 year anniversary of Haunt? Makes sense.
  15. Or... they could bring back the Top Spin duh. This time it will be a Giant Giant Giant Big Top Spin, it will carry 250 passengers. And it will destroy it self in only 2 years, instead of 10. It will be themed after the hit movie Raider Tomb, that starred Jolie Angelina!
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