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  1. Yeah I think it worked a lot better opening the gates to the front of International Street at 5:30 last year, because they could get a lot more people through security before the park actually opened. Last night I could see there were long non-moving lines outside of the metal detectors already by 5:30, because the area between that and the gates was pretty filled. I don’t know if it will continue to be at the same time, but the opening ceremonies at the bandstand didn’t happen until 7:30 last night.
  2. Even though I’ve been following the thread and saw the pictures of how much track has been delivered, I still wasn’t prepared for what it was going to look like when I rode The Racer last night. Seeing the track pieces up close gave me the first visceral impression of just how enormous this thing will be. I mean, the logical part of my brain understood it before, but seeing the pieces in person spoke to my deeper lizard brain. I hope they are able to do a fair bit of vertical construction before the park closes for the season. Nothing compares to being able to see it with my OWN EYES
  3. My husband got his first of the season this year. 15% off food. Since he doesn’t have a dining plan, he’s actually happy about it.
  4. Anyone here have a pic of what they mean by the retro logo t-shirt? I got that perk too
  5. Isn’t Hallotween just opening some of the mazes without scareactors? Why would that merit moving Great Pumpkin fest?
  6. If you had clicked on the link, they’re all listed there in the blog with descriptions... https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/september/5-new-attractions-added-to-kings-island’s-halloween-haunt Four new scare zones, and the new show.
  7. I’m just stoked to have another NYE at KI. Last year was awesome
  8. I ran into Don Helbig on Monday and he said it had happened sometime between 6 and 8 last Sunday night IIRC. They didn’t do a whole photo shoot or anything for it.
  9. I’m trying to remember if they still used the fire jets around the fountains last Haunt, and wondering if they’ll use them this year....
  10. Someone suggested that asphalt is actually there for guests to get to Field of Screams this year. It seems likely. I’m sure it will also get used for other things construction related too tho.
  11. The pirate scare zone is in AZ, not where the other scare zones have been in the past
  12. ^Tower Gardens has been non-smoking the past couple years. It was used quite well as “India” during the Grand Carnivale. It is a nice, picturesque, calm, shaded area to walk through or sit to escape the rest of the park. And the landscaping department changes out the flowers and plants throughout the season. If you haven’t been through lately, you may be surprised to see it is nearly exactly what you would like it to be.
  13. Unless there’s an accident. Then they’re risking what value their name has, on a installation they have little to no actual control over. “Did you hear about that roller coaster crashing at Six Flags?!” and nobody is going to bother to specify which one, and everyone who hears it will assume the closest one to them.
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