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  1. It’s been years but I miss ya dude!

  2. The insane lenght of the brake run makes it longer.
  3. ^ The majority has not been on a intamin. In other threads concerning top 5 coasters etc. the majority is intamins.
  4. I think our own VortexBFForever! She was working on her 200th ride at the 10th anniversary party! Do we know if there is a Raptor rider? I know RaptorGuy, but don't think he marathons Raptor like previously mentioned enthusiasts. I think Banshee is going to be a hard coaster to marathon. I was able to marathon Gatekeeper 10 times in a row last weekend, but could only do Raptor twice. It just has to many forces and with those restraints not feasible. Hopefully with the GK restraints it will be more rerideable! Raptorn is forceful cause it is a first generation like btr and nemesis. I will be shocked if it will be more forceful than Gatekeeper.
  5. I always feel good about myself.
  6. ^ I hope dissing me makes you feel better bout yourself.
  7. YoungStud


    When kk opens they will have a better flat ride arsenal than ki IMO.
  8. YoungStud


    ^ Is it just me or is that totally boring.
  9. I am sure it makes a small dent in mr. Helbig's salary.
  10. You will probably enter the vertical loop around 40-45 mph.
  11. YoungStud

    ride times

    I have been waiting a lifetime to get a intamin coaster here at KI
  12. I understand kat, b&m's favor larger guests.
  13. Raptor is what I call a first generation invert. I can only wish Banshee will be like the sub 1999 b&m's. I just wish Banshee would have restraints like Raptor! I don't mind the Gatekeeper restraints, even when they clamped down. I would just squeeze my pecs to loosen up the restraint.
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