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  1. Ah I see. I’ve been searching for 1972 and earlier aerial views of the park but haven’t had any luck yet.
  2. Pretty much what Don said....To add on to it, it’s rather fascinating how quickly you get acclimated to how the ride is supposed to sound. A trained ear can pick up on even the slightest abnormal noise that other people wouldn’t notice. I believe we had an example of this involving Invertigo while waiting at the front gate a few years ago @BoddaH1994!
  3. Why anyone would want four row cars on The Beast is lost on me. The ride is bad enough with three rows already! #RMCTheBeast
  4. Let’s be honest, being drunk is the only way to really enjoy the Haunt.
  5. Just bring back KCKC and call it a day
  6. The taste of the food has never been in an issue the past couple years at KI. It’s always been operations. Example: the orange shade to the concrete is a voban stain. My son emptying the contents of his stomach was the reason for the voban.... That occurrence was almost a month ago. Picture was taken Saturday evening.
  7. Went last night as well. It stinks. The scare zones look like they were done by a high school drama club raising money for their next production and I’m pretty sure the roaming scare actors spent more time talking to their friends out of character instead of actually doing their job.
  8. People come to KI’s Haunt because that’s all they know. They don’t know a good haunt attraction when they see one because they’ve been conditioned to the same crap that KI puts out year after year. That being said, it’s still not as bad as the USS Nightmare.
  9. After attending Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando several times, every other Halloween attraction is just meh to me. The plug and play haunt attraction themes that bounce around the Cedar Fair chain are garbage.
  10. I can confirm the building in question was for the lions. Many years ago I worked on a weekday cleanup crew and we ventured out to that lake. We made a flag out of an old wooden height stick and a rag and put all our names on the flag and planted said flag in the ground. I wonder whatever happened to that thing.
  11. Terrible ride experience and a huge eyesore for the park.
  12. There can only be one flagship park and as long as Cedar Point is part of the Cedar Fair chain, Cedar Point will be it.
  13. How in the hell does someone mistake a basic firecracker for a “suspicious package?”
  14. Friday wasn’t any better. 20 minute wait for a salad AFTER the order had been placed on the kiosk.
  15. No thank you. Will never understand why anyone would pay extra to ride rides they’ve ridden a hundred times before.
  16. Came across a pretty cool website: Vintage Aerial They have some pre 1972 aerials in Warren county but was unable to locate the land KI presently sits on. Anyone out there have better luck?
  17. Uhm, what? So by that logic, the Mean Streak wasn’t intense?
  18. To the people who make those kind of decisions, it matter zilch. If anything, it makes their decision easier!
  19. Classic coaster, blah. The Hurler at KD was nowhere near as intense as The Beast and yet it is getting the RMC treatment.
  20. The Beast can be rough at times but not to the point where it deters me from riding. Son of Beast rough though? Not by a long shot. That being said, I’d be thrilled to see The Beast get the RMC treatment.
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