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  1. You do realize that’s not how it actually works right?
  2. So a strung out rock star past his prime? Nailed it!
  3. They just needed more time to setup for Winterfest.
  4. Regarding the rattle, B&M upstop and guide wheels are spring loaded so the wheels have little, if anything, to do with the rattle you’re hearing. The rattle is likely a roll back, chain dog, or the wheel covers. Unless a polyurethane wheel is blown out, the wheels have little to do with how smooth the ride is. For example, you can put brand new wheels on an entire train but if the bushings are junk then its useless.
  5. B&M uses pneumatic brakes or drive tires to bring trains to a complete stop. You primarily see the drive tires on areas of the coaster where it is traveling at a low speed. Such as in stations, base of lifts, and ready brakes. Pneumatic brakes in the midcourse and safety brakes. Correct on not being “pinch brakes.” The pneumatic brakes make contact with pads that are bolted in the middle section of the trains lower frame.
  6. ...Yes, please think about a for profit company before your own wants and needs.
  7. Give it a few hours and it will hit social media.
  8. ^This^....Some people are so blinded by being cheerleaders for KI that they can’t fathom someone having a negative opinion on the park.
  9. My two cents....sorry but I’m not that impressed. While the paint jobs on the buildings are well done, they never should have gotten rid of the developed trees. I Street is going to be hot and miserable in the summer months. I assumed they got rid of the pedestals because they wanted to incorporate water/fountain effects into the fireworks show and the previous setup was too restrictive. I was really disappointed not to see any fountain/water effects added into the nighttime fireworks show. Maybe they’re still figuring that part out? Regardless, IMO anyways, the thing that made KIs fountain unique was the pedestals and now it looks well, boring. Also, If it was redone to look more like a street, where’s the darn street? Someone hit on this earlier but it looks just like they just threw a bunch of different pavers together.
  10. Thanks for putting this together. Being. Bluegrass fan in his 30s, I absolutely love the “Pickin On” series
  11. I remember my mom breaking one of her ribs on The Beast. #RMCTheBeast
  12. When I worked in Ride Operations(2000-2005), I would stash all the left over plush animals at the end of the day in a trash bag in a closet and then distribute them to kids I had to turn away because they were too short to ride. Specifically, the kids who were too short to ride and they were left alone while everyone else in their party rode.
  13. This just might be it’s downfall. Having experienced Universals Mardi Gras, this is what I’ll be comparing it to and if their give a darn of this Grand Carnivale is the same as their give a darn of the Haunt from last year, well, we all know how that turned out. Or maybe I just need to temper my expectations of a seasonal park compared to the giant that is Universal.
  14. Aside from the bar, nothing about the Reds theme made it stand out from the rest of the restaurant choices at KI. Maybe this will?
  15. Until food service operations improves, I’m skeptical at best.
  16. Worst scare attraction in the park this year. Short staffed and the employees would rather talk to their friends then do their job.
  17. KD’s version has never rotated and was never designed to. In fact, it’s a completely different model. Everything Intamin screwed up with the Gyro Drops, they attempted to fix with Dominions version.
  18. The music that played on I Street was better during the Paramount era. However, I’m absolutely in love with the “Pickin On” series they currently play in Rivertown. Also, kudos to the Paramount Era list @BlondyRidesOn. Now if only someone made a public playlist on Apple Music with said list....
  19. The backside of the seats are likely still accessible for off season maintenance.
  20. Well the good news is I don’t think it can be any worse than it was in 2018.
  21. Before they changed the layout of the train and demolished all but one of those houses, I know at least one of them was rented out to a park employee.
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