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  1. In reference to the picture of Backlot coaster up in Canada... KI's Backlot trains already had a good amount of fiberglass work done to them a few years ago to try and distance itself from the Italian Job theme.
  2. In regards to operations, look for mirrors to be in place. Kings Island is not Cedar Point.
  3. You are correct. Operations are generally at the end of the line when it comes to whats important out in the field when a new coaster is being built.
  4. After checking out her ass all summer while working together at the park, I finally decided to ask her on a date. We're now married.
  5. Did the park honestly expect something different? They certainly aren't signing up for the discount on "Haunted House Magazine."
  6. If you think it's bad now you should have seen it pre Wild Thornberry days. IMO, it looks fine now. You get in a log, you ride in the trough(sp?), you get wet. It serves its purpose.
  7. Don't flatter yourself. The Interpreter doesn't post or reply to posts for the purpose of "burning" someone. He posts to provide helpful,insightful, and sometimes comedic points of view. Not to "burn" someone. Grow up.
  8. Pro tip: Cedar Fair isn't going to waste time and money on legal matters involving fanboys/fangirls not capitalizing the names of their attractions on internet message boards.
  9. I wish there was a "Dislike" button. Nobody likes the grammar police when it comes to ride names being capitalized on a fan site message board.
  10. He's walking on the high brakes. There is a catwalk directly underneath the brakes for maintenance to safely access said brakes.
  11. They used to fill that inner water resevoir all the way to the top. Not sure why they stopped doing it. It also used to have the water cannons in it(maybe it still does?) that would shoot the water up. As the control operator, you could get the riders absolutely soaked if you timed it right by turning the water canons off and then on again at the control panel.
  12. Nice Congo picture. Congo was my second favorite ride to work at. I have a lot of good memories from inside that station.
  13. Looks great. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea and kudos to management for actually following through with it.
  14. I "get it." Don "gets it." I don't understand why some of you other folks don't get it. Oh well. Have fun "speculating" on how operations are gonna go. Operations Pro Tip: guests board the ride, restrains will come down and be checked, ride will be dispatched.
  15. Yes on all accounts but one. I call out people for not knowing what they are talking about and try to play it off like they do.
  16. How does the saying go? Those who talk, don't know and those who don't talk. know? Something like that?
  17. Your extensive background in ride operations clearly makes you an expert.
  18. I will never understand why some of you people want to donate your money/time to a for profit company such as Cedar Fair. If you want to donate money, then donate it to a legit charity that actually needs your money. BTW, if KI wanted to "restore" The Racer, they would.
  19. Even though it's obstructed, the "path" is still there.
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