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  1. This past weekend members supported the crew and showed thier pride with an official Coaster Crew T-shirt at Coasterstock! Don't miss out on your chance to get yours for Holiwood Nights! Shirt sales close tonight at midnight! Pickup at the event! http://events.coastercrew.net/crew-shirt.php
  2. Probably more informative to let people know what clubs are allowed to attend seeing the list is so small. Here is the list: American Coaster Enthusiasts Club de Fans de Montanas Rusas Club TPR CoasterBuzz Club European Coaster Club Great Ohio Coaster Club Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain Cedar Point Ride Warriors Club We embrace and love all other clubs and we understand not ALL clubs can be invited to all events. But for those of you that choose not to attend Coastermania, The Coaster Crew holds fabulous events with lots of perks and our members are welcome to attend: Holiwood Nights at Holiday World, Coasterstock at Kings Island, Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels, Coaster Madness at Dorney Park, and more! Hope to see you all in 2017!
  3. I will be making an appearance! And someone else may be there also, working 9-5.
  4. Hello everyone! As you all know The Smoky Mountains have experienced some bad damage due to fires in the area. We at The Coaster Crew want to try and do our part in the healing process. T-shirts are now on sale to assist the Smoky Mountains rehabilitation efforts. Shirts S-XL 20.00 Shirts XXl- 4XL 25.00 All proceeds to benefit Dollywood Foundation My People Fund, established by Parton, The Dollywood Company, Parton’s dinner theaters and The Dollywood Foundation, to provide $1000 each month to Sevier County families whose homes are uninhabitable or were completely destroyed in the recent Smoky Mountain wildfires. Who wants to help the smokies?! Click the link to get your shirt! Shirts will gopen out for delivery in late January. http://events.coastercrew.net/smoky-mountains.php
  5. We do have quite a few members in Michigan, with a huge population of over 500 in Ohio. If you plan to stick in the Ohio area for events, GOCC might be for you. Keeping in mind, if you plan to travel in the future or attend park sponsored events like CoasterStock, Holiwood Nights, The Coaster Crew is also recognized by those parks for events. In 2015 we have held events or been apart of park hosted events at the following parks: Dollywood Kings Island Holiday World Six Flags St. Louis Coasting for kids at all Cedar Fair Parks Six Flags New England Carowinds Cedar Point Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Gardens Kings Dominion We also have a long list of perks and discounts at parks across the country available to members. The Coaster Crew is a huge advocate of all clubs, we embrace them all and we encourage our members and staff to support them also. Although we do not guarantee any kind of ride sharing we have on many numerous occasions have helped members find means for car pooling. On another note, we are working hard to become apart of the approved list for Cedar Point once again, although this has not taken place yet, we hope to see our club name on that list again in the near future. Whoever you choose to join, we know you will have a great time meeting new friends! Good luck!
  6. Registered and ready for some ERT!!!!
  7. I purchased my Coaster Stock Tickets today! I am very excited for this event!!!! And I cannot wait to meet more members and friends! The Coaster Crew has an event page set up if you would like to keep up to date with the info regarding the Crew and the event. Click here for the event page!
  8. Hey Guys! If you purchased a 2 year membership last year and you want to upgrade to a Platinum Membership, you may do so! If your current membership has expired or is set to expire soon you may also renew your membership! Hope to see you guys at Coasterstock! I am very excited for this event! Click here for membership options
  9. Appreciate your patience guys, we will have all membership info set by the time registration opens for Coasterstock!
  10. I hope everyone enjoyed their day at the park! I met a lot of great people and It was so great to be able to spend the day with you all! Thanks again for making it a great day!
  11. Hello everyone, Our club, like all other clubs charges a rate above the parks cost to cover things such as Paypal fees, Event Badge production, & overhead costs such as website fees. We do not make a profit and any revenue left is put back into the event in other capacities. Sorry for the confusion guys! Here is a simple way to put it. If you did not register ($26.00) for this event on the Coaster Crew Website you will NOT gain access to the event lunch or any other perks provided in this event. Registration is now closed.
  12. We have a large group of people going and it will be an amazing day just from the people you are bound to meet and make friends with! I am so ready for some Banshee!!!!!! Registration is closing tonight! Badges are being made this weekend!!!!! WOO HOO!
  13. Coming in on the last stretch! Registration closing in less than 24 hours!
  14. Only 5 days left to register! Don't miss out!
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