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  1. Trying to decipher the type of coaster based on track sitting out is about as pointless as trying to guess the manufacturer based on the footings.
  2. The ride ops at CP are dicks. I always feel like I'm in the way when I'm there.
  3. Don't listen to these guys telling you that fanny packs are ok. Fanny packs are NEVER ok.
  4. I consider information when its deemed logical. Trying to guess a ride manufacturer based on the footings is not logical.
  5. What an absolute clusterf*ck these rides have been. I'll be surprised if they last more than five years.
  6. The same thing they did in 2009 with a generic "up and down" coaster.
  7. It's called pre-planning. Im guessing they've had plans for the thunder alley location,Im guessing their making plans for SOB location now? I will look from the Tower friday to have a better idea of where specifically they are working,unless anybody knows? I guess I should ask has anybody seen footers where SOB once stood yet? In terms of the actual hardware for 2014, they're not "making plans" at this point. Signatures have been signed and they are well past the planning stages. They are in full blown construction mode.
  8. Actually,some on here know alot more than others,im even somewhat sure some know whats going to be built. They wont say a word while the rest of us have fun guessing.Dont take anything personal on here,I think most of us are just sick of hearing about SOB and you would understand it more if you have read this forum the last few years! Its going to be much fun watching and waiting to see whats in store! I know Im going to be peaking through the fence every chance I get! Doing this site for nearly 10 years, one thing I've learned is that most people think they know a lot more than they really do. Granted, some employees may catch wind of something that's going to happen in the near future, but I'm sure that no seasonal associate knows 100% what's in the works. In fact, I'm sure no one knows since plans change A LOT. What you do see a lot of is people claiming to have known about a project for quite some time after it is announced. There are also a lot of "told ya so"people in which they guess constantly and when something happens to be correct, they claim to have been the first to know on the forums. That sounds lame of a forumer to do that. So you're saying people should put in their final guesses in like the next week or so? Basically he's saying that people who publicly claim to know information, don't really know. In this case, it's about the 2014 plans. I couldn't agree more with Boddah.
  9. I truly feel sorry for anyone who wins that auction. There is no way to determine this piece of chain was actually used on The Beast let alone a roller coaster.
  10. The shelter is for the air compressor. The generator is right next to it as well.There was a second air compressor as well out under the block brakes.
  11. Good thing that doesn't look tacky. Also, is it me or does that pic of the station sum up the entire SOB project from planning to demolition?
  12. Why do people have such a hatred for a system they've never used?
  13. That's because most people "get it" when it comes to Fastlane. You, clearly, do not.
  14. I love all the people complaining. At the end of the day, you're still going to go to Kings Island and the people who purchased Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus are going to skip ahead of you. Get over it, strap in, and enjoy the ride.
  15. In answer to Hanks question, nothing can be done to make them noticeably faster on a consistent basis. Coasters are designed to go the speed they go and increasing a coasters speed would have catastrophic consequences further down the road.
  16. I do not represent the park nor do I ever claim to.
  17. ...then maybe you should listen to us 'fanboys' instead of being a know it all,im pretty sure you wouldnt act like that out from behind your computer at the park,but I wish you would,Jr for Birdy will be there all summer! If the park listened to the fanboys, there would be no park because it would be out of business. Why? Because they would invest all their money in giving the guests "something to do" while in line for Flightdeck. Instead of, you know, making investments in something the park actually needs and the general public actually want. You stick to riding the rides and the powers that be, will stick to making the decisions that's best for the park. Since you brought it up, what I say "from behind my computer" echoes what I would say to anyone else in person. Don't like it? I don't care.
  18. Exactly. There's no point. Comprende?
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