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  1. A coaster train can get stuck on any portion of its circuit. So the notion that it got hung up in the cobra roll is not out of the question. However, it is highly unlikely.
  2. Ryan: more less, yeah. Dakota: yes, I know this for sure.
  3. Well seeing how there is no catwalk or set of stairs anywhere near the cobra roll for them to safely evacuate from, I'd say no.
  4. Lift hill chains are not removed from any coaster for any reason other than replacement. For steel coasters, other than when it recieves a new paint job, nothing is applied to the tracks. Wood coaster tracks recieve oil throughout the season whenever deemed necessary. No machine, all done by hand.
  5. A waterpark that doesn't suck. Oh wait, you said improvements, not miracles.
  6. Great news to hear. Can't wait to see what this place can do with a strong financial backing.
  7. Without a doubt, Shaggy. He's one of the few around here that "get it."
  8. If it was up to me, I'd burn the thing down. That ride affected many employees in ways that some of you fanboys will never understand.
  9. Hate to break it to you but the best wooden coaster in the park is over in "whatever kiddy land is called."
  10. Good riddance. Now where are the marshmellows?
  11. And I'd be willing to bet that all that junk people got from Vortex came from some off the old footers from The Bat. Which, in turn, means its hardware from The Bat, not Vortex.
  12. I will never understand the fascination people get from random ride hardware. Nuts, bolts, etc.
  13. It would not surprise me one bit if the 50 dollar cost is just a meal and first dibs on the new haunt in there.
  14. Also, for 100 dollars (the cost for my wife and I to eat there) why in the hell would I want to share a table with 20 other people? Assuming they only have the one large table.
  15. Time? Money? Some would disagree... Add me to that list. This just looks so "thrown together." On top of that, the food at KI is still horrible. How will this be any different?
  16. I know Drop Zone and FoF have their own dedicated power lines and possibly IJ. Before said lines were installed, there was a direct phone line (The Bat phone) between DZ and FoF that the control operators would have to pick up to make sure FoF would not launch while DZ was on its way to the top or vise versa. Both FoF and DZ require an enormous amount of power and if the two tried to use it at the same time, it would cause a park wide power failure. Not sure if it still does it or not but I fondly remember all the lights on the DZ control panel dimming while the gondola was being hoisted to the top.
  17. Or WindSeeker was part of the "master plan."
  18. The road directly behind GWL is not tresspassing. It's another access point to the southern end of the GWL parking lot. Hence why there is no gate keeping you out of it. You were not tresspassing. Just don't go past the KI gate and you are fine.
  19. The Beast being ranked seventh is very generous. If it were up to me, it wouldn't even be in the top 10. The Beast is nothing more than a really long Adventure Express with a good ending.
  20. Unless they are catasrophically destroyed, many of the individual "expensive" parts can be repaired.
  21. The now defunct handcars. F*ck that ride.
  22. Based off? It sure as in hell isn't experience. That's for sure. Hank, the picture MF2000CMH provided pretty much describes one the best. A couple key switches, push buttons, an emergency stop, and a panel view.
  23. Delirium has "ran the same" since it's opened.
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