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  1. Even more baffeling is the fact that there is another woody out there that also runs the Premiere wooden coaster trains.
  2. I wish I had some cool stuff
  3. All of the "big" rides have generators and said generators are tested once a month.
  4. The only thing interchangeable is the hardware behind you that people can not see and the restraint itself. The actual fiberglass seat is not.
  5. The page linked in post #9 above indicates that participants can purchase discounted tickets to KI. And besides, we're dealing with 10- to 14-year-olds here. They're going to want to relax and have fun when not playing, and KI is the obvious choice. Also, don't forget that there are teams coming from as far away as Georgia for this tournament. The kids will want to see the local attractions, and that naturally includes KI. Sorry but a baseball tournament isnt going to generate thousands of extra guests. A few hundred is more like it.
  6. So does every team get free tickets to KI or something? If not, I fail to see how a softball tournament in Mason will generate thousands of extra people coming thru the front gate.
  7. I can. Ice cold beer, a big lake and a pontoon boat.
  8. Where is condescending Wonka when you need him?
  9. To the original poster; your thoughts have not decieved you. The waterpark still sucks and some repainted slides and a half assed attempt at a "action river" can't cover it up.
  10. Actually I take that back. When the boat is on the lift, all the weight rests on the bottom of the boat, not the road wheels. As the lift engages on the bottom of the boat. #magicruined
  11. In regards to Congo Falls, the boat floats from the bottom of the drop to just outside the back of the station. For the rest of the ride circuit, the boats rest on the road wheels.
  12. Winch it back up into the brakes and remove each car one at a time with a crane. Edit: You are right Interpreter. Vortex has never left passengers stranded upside down.
  13. Take off your enthusiass cap and follow me. Now maybe, just maybe, there was a bigger issue with WindSeeker that prevented it from actually operating in any capacity during a good chunk of the offseason.
  14. Whatever. Go catch a predator. My next sting is in Santa Claus, IN.
  15. Delirium doesn't have a transmission.
  16. I'm bringing the whole family. Nevermind the ERT on Turkey Whirl and their new for 2012 Sparkler. Oh and forget about the ERT on Wildebeest and new for 2012 Mammooth. I come back to Holiwood Nights year after year simply because of the orgasmic night rides on the three woodies. Even if it is "the same ert every year." The other stuff is just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned.
  17. In regards to the steel coasters, the first cycle of the season is done just like any other test cycle; empty. However, weather usually plays a part as to when that first cycle of the season is ran. There is no reason to the think it won't complete the circuit and that's really the only major concern on that first cycle of the year. Employees can ride whenever it is deemed neccesary. A state inspection is not needed for employees to ride.
  18. I wonder if that ACE rep position ever got filled.....
  19. My first year in the rides department(2000), the prices were fairly cheap. I want to say a slice of pepperoni was around 1.25 but I could be way off on that. However, with each passing season, the prices started to go up. Like someone mentioned earlier, it is now ran by an outside company. However, they charge way too much for the quality of the food that is provided. As for the naming, I would guess that the "Oscars" name came when Paramount took over because before Paramount I think the place was called "The Canteen."
  20. Golf cart? Try a truck dude.
  21. Sue them? Isn't that kinda like trying to get water from a dry well? I can't help but laugh at all the people on their Facebook telling others to contact their local media outlets. Bad press for a closed waterpark? Gee, I hope that doesn't hurt their attendance any.
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