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  1. My family greatly prefers The Beach over KI's waterpark. We even bought season passes for The Beach this year. When it comes down to it, the overall atmosphere is much better at The Beach. More shade, less crowds, more thrilling slides, mom and pop feel, the list goes on and on. Sorry but another wave pool and a few buckets over a lazy river isn't going to point us in KI's direction anytime soon.
  2. Nobody cares about personal twitter accounts that you may or may not know. Furthermore, nobody cares about someone elses personal phone from KD. Name dropping does not work for you. Thanks for playing though.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks wave pool 2 looks horribly out of place?
  4. Iconic to who? Enthusiasts? Because it's certainly not "iconic" to the general public.
  5. Couldn't agree more Shaggy. Any company that refuses to let their employees to grow facial hair shows just how far behind the times they really are. What an example? Have a look at the illustrations Cedar Fair uses in their employee handbook to show "proper" grooming standards.
  6. You want a construction tour? I'll give you one. To your right, you'll see a giant area of concrete with some concrete walls. Going farther down, there's the "new" action river. As you can see, they've moved some dirt around and hung some buckets overhead. Oh and here's the new entrance to Waterworks, opps I mean Crocidile Dundees Boomerang Bay, no thats not right, Boomerang Bay, darn it thats not right either, I meant Soak City.
  7. That you for not using crappy, cliche techno music.
  8. Aside from what I have quoted you on being completely false, please tell me that Sky Cabin having a giant "K" on it is not how you came to this gem of a conclusion.
  9. Once you're in the park, the last thing the park cares about is getting you on rides.
  10. The trains have been there since the ride was taken out of commission.
  11. The park does not keep any kind of record of this and if someone tells you a number, chances are it's been beaten or they are going thru what they heard.
  12. My opinion on this pretty much mirrors Snowmans. I'd expect something like this from a much smaller sized park but coming from KI, it comes across as cheesy. Then again, if people are willing to do it (and the park knows people will do it), can you blame the park for asking?
  13. I'd bet everything your wrong. Depending on what he's got, I'd take this bet Mrs. Lopez.
  14. That two section trailer at the top of the 1974 photo could be the one still used as the daily ops for the lifeguards. Going on the fact that that it is made up of two sections and looks really old. Just a guess though. Edit: Even if the trailers are still there, they are no longer used for that purpose.
  15. A webcam to watch them pour a big slab of concrete? Gee that that should be fun to watch. Can't wait until they go vertical with the walls!
  16. You agree that I'm a jerk?
  17. A Vekoma Flying Dutchman. Oh wait...
  18. Because you are. You missed my point. My point was the the amount of stress a ride receives has ZERO impact on the way winter maintenance is done. Secondly, the amount of parts a coaster train has zero impact as well. The coaster trains generally have a two man crew working on them non stop all winter. With the exception of the wood coaster trains as they are swapped in and out of the wood coaster shop all winter long. It's been this way since the park has been around.
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