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  1. I think if they added the extra 5 dollar charge to the cost of the season passes and let season pass holders get in then it would be something my kids would enjoy time and time again, but as far as paying the extra on top of the food and everything else, I agree it does get costly. I have 3 kids and we all have gold passes. My kids will want to go in there once, but I will not pay more than once to go to the thing. I feel that this could be a good thing if they maintain it properly, but as far as paying extra even when u have a gold pass it is ridiculous.
  2. look on ki site they have the BIG announcement on there (photos)
  3. I would like to watch it live myself without having to actually be there in person lol, but I think it will be posted on the site after the announcement from what I was told.
  4. can we stream the unveiling tomorrow live via the internet?
  5. Already being discussed here: http://www.KICentral...=0 sorry i did not know, regarding the attraction being announced tomorrow. I have to agree, whatever it may be weather it be a roller coaster or walk thru attraction I will be satisfied. I have noticed there are a lot of elderly and handicapped people that cannot ride rides and a walk through attraction would be perfect for them to go to and enjoy. Plus toddlers and babies who can't ride rides it is a great idea.
  6. My link check out this article about Son of Beast
  7. when they make the announcement friday at 2 will we be able to stream it live via the net
  8. my son said give him the name little foot or ducky lol
  9. ok, lol, like I said I didn't know how true it was. As for friday, do u think they actually could be working on sob and teasing us with other things making us think it is a dino walkthrough?
  10. thanks for the info about the enthusiast thing lol. You are right though we do get paid in some ways to ride the rides, because if we pay to get in the park we get paid for the thrill of it hahahaha hope u understand that. As far as the new thing that will be announced Friday. I am open to anything the park will do. I heard though that cf was going bankrupt here in a few years or something like that idk how true it is, but if they do who would buy ki and if not what would happen to it.
  11. off topic, but how do i become a ride enthusiast? someone who gets paid to ride rides, and stuff?
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