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  1. awesome. No doubt I'd rather be in the old picture, though I've always wondered how many of those pictures were made. Angle looks good, they would have had to move the power pole anyways to dig up the gardens and put down the pavers. Moving it 2 foot wouldn't have been much of an "upcharge" as they redeveloped this area.
  2. I guess one question, is this an attempt to save a few bucks? Its definently not worth it to walk from the hotel to KI, but there are other places you could possibly park and walk to the park, Kings HS, great wolf lodge, the harley davidison shopping area w/ the new Chipotle, etc.. the movie theater and some more. I can't say how often, if at all these lots are patrolled to tow cars of people who might try this, but I would assume a place like the movie theater would be pretty easy to "blend" in.
  3. I guess it depends on the 3 year old? My just turned 3 year old made it a requirement to visit the dinosaur at the front of the park each trip. I'm looking forward to this, we held off doing DA all season, knowing that once we did it once, he was going to want to do it every trip. Aside from the begging for another ride on the Viking Ship, Boo Blasters and The Beastie, we didn't really want to spend the $15 to see DA more than 1x. This gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy both DA, and the trick or treating on his last trip to the park this season. I doubt the dinosaurs are going to scare him in the least. Never having experienced DA myself, I assume its no more scary (and likely less so) than boo blasters; I see 3 year olds (and younger) in line for boo blasters every trip to the park.
  4. http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&style=o&form=HPSFLT Found it interesting, that as you move around, change direction of views, etc using the Bing bird's eye view the Son of Beast switches from having a loop, to having no loop. I also found it interesting, that some of the photos (presumably during the looping SOB days) don't show any work in the Diamondback area, while other areas clearly show the station ground work being done. What I found interesting, is that I would have assumed there would be visable evidence of clearing work, footers out in the woods for Diamondback at the same time, but there doesn't appear to be any. Not that this has anything to do w/ the new attraction, but I guess it shows that the more detail oriented work around the station takes much more time than putting down the supports out in the track run after the lift hill where its' footer, support, track, repeat. If I had to guess, if that is indeed a firehydrant, its something around the race car track in the Action Zone. There's some prett open land there, as well as some road going back into the outerzones of king's island with some structures back there. Whenever we catch the fireworks, we grab some icecream and sit back there for a great view. Its a pretty underutilized area with Son of Beast down.
  5. I have a different view on the snoopy topic. I have a 3 year old. We typically go to the park on weekday nights, about once a week after work. He went during the day 1x early in the year w/ my wife when her neice was in town for the week, and we went as a family w/ other members of the family who went for a full day late in the season. As far as I know, the only times he's seen the snoopy characters were his two "full" day visits as they're not out in the heat of the afternoon. The 1 time I was with him, he was very excited to see snoopy and have a picture with him. He went and danced with linus in front of the Eiffel Tower mid afternoon shortly before leaving. anyhoo, if we drive around town and see a random picture of mickey mouse, he automatically says "look dad, mickey mouse clubhouse". Obviously Cedar Fair can't use Mickey, but on a recent drive past a small airstrip, the metlife blimp was parked on the grounds there, presumably on its way to whatever event it was covering. When my son saw snoopy on the blimp, it wasn't "look dad, peanuts" it was "look dad, King's Island" We were a good half hour away from King's Island, so he's obviously tying snoopy with King's Island. Snoopy is instantly recognizable and you see it far more often than you think. However, with it not being on TV on a regular basis, my son ties in seeing snoopy with his trips to King's Island. We don't let him watch sponge bob, though he knows the character having caught glimpses of it in the past. My guess, if he saw a picture of sponge bob, he would think of the TV show before he thought of any tie to King's Island (if it still existed). I think there is value in such a connection. There's little contrevesy with the peanuts gang, they're beloved from generation to generation; they're iconic. You know Snoopy is still going to be recognizable in 50 years. Sponge Bob? we shall see. The Peanuts have stood the test of time that few survive. Additionally, Nick has a tie in w/ universal theme parks. It may not even be an option for Cedar Fair to use Nick characters as part of their themeing due to contractual ties with other parks/companies. However, I am wondering if there was a way to tie in Thomas the Train into their railroad. I doubt they're going to go back to the old railroad show I remember as a kid, so other than a means of transportation b/w the park and the water park, I mostly see families with young kids who enjoy a train ride who would be excited by the Thomas theming.
  6. I'm not the smallest guy in the world, but fit comfortably on the great pumpkin coaster, and The Beastie. There are some people quite large who ride The Beastie w/ their kid, so if you get on that, definently squeeze in. There's more room than it looks on that thing, helps to get a back of the seat car where there is a little bit more leg room under the seat in front of you.
  7. First things first, when you get to the park have your kid measured and get a rest band. In the evenings, this is often done in the customer service station right as you walk thru the ticket tacker booth. In the mornings, and thru the day they have this set up right by the keyhold picture booth (there is a large sign w/ height restrictions there, to the left of the fountains before you'd get to the skyline chili). This will save you a lot of time potentially having your kid have to hop off a ride to get measured than jump back on the ride (ie they don't measure you before you hop on The Racer). I'd also advise you to check your kids height prior to going, with the shoes he'll wear that day so you can get a rough idea of where he'll fall. The last thing you want to do is build up a ride, only to find they won't let him get on it. We take our 3 year old on a regular basis. A lot depends on your kid. Mine is pretty tall for his age (truned 3 recently and cleared the 42" height restrictions last week). Basically if he's tall enough to ride it, he loves it. Back seat on the Viking ship, beastie (Woodstock express?), scrambler, monster (and now Shake, Rattle & Roll) are ridden each trip to the park. If its his first time, I'd suggest starting small, if you like coasters, they have the great pumpkin coaster in kids park which is two quick trips around a small track. It will get him used to the feel of roller coasters and shouldn't scare him too much. If that's too much then you know to stick in kiddi land all day (or perhaps the water park). If you look at this and know you're kid can handle it (at 5 he should be, but if he's never been on a coaster before its a pretty good starting point), there is The Beastie and kids bumper cars to get him gooing. Boo Blasters is in that area, and a good spot for a hot summer day. There is another coaster in kiddie land that I haven't been on, I think the height requirement is 44" or 46" You're feet hang below as you ride below the track, so I'd imagine that's not the best one to ride right away. At 5, I'd think your son would be tall enough to ride everything in kiddi land, but as I said, my son's pretty tall so check before you go and talk it up. In the general area, in addition to the rides mentioned above, if he's 48" he can ride The Racers, Adventure Express, The Beast, etc.. Check the web site, you have to be taller than 48" for some rides like Delerium, The Diamondback, etc... If he's tall enough, and you think he can handle it, I'd start at Adventure Express. There's not much of a hill as it uses the terrain in the back of the park to get much of its speed. It moves pretty quickly and will move him around in the seat a bit, plus I doubt there will be a line to deal with. If he enjoys that, The Racers, which usually has a pretty quick line as well, are right next door and will help him get used to going up a decent size hill and getting some air time on a ride. After that, The Beast then The Vortex would be negotiable. I'd imagine some 5 year olds would jump right into them full bore, while others would say no way. Overall, take your time, definently bring a stroller to help them get thru the park. They'll wear down quicker than you. Remember a cup of water is free at all concessions, so pick up a handful every so often if its hot outside to help keep his energy up. If you get there early, save some time before you leave to ride two or three of his favorite rides again. If he's ok with the height, I'd take him up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at some point to get him a feel for the park. You get a pretty good view up there. We take in a diaper bag each time. I don't know the restrictions, but its never been opened (kind of surprises me) so we generally pack some snacks, wipes, etc for our little guy. I'd suggest doing the same to keep him going between meals. You can park a stroller somewhere close to pretty much any ride. I wouldn't suggest leaving your wallet in it, but I wouldn't worry about anything being taken out of it, if that makes sense.
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