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  1. If you have never been to the new family area at Dollywood, KI is very far apart from retaking that throne from dollywood. The addition of Big Bear Mountain easily tops this coaster addition (though this appears to be a solid addition) in my opinion. I guess I'll know for sure when I ride the new KI addition. Anyhoo, This appears to be a solid add, and maybe if they retheme the whole area and slowly add on/improve different aspects of their kids/family area over the next 3-4 seasons they could be in the running. KI's area is great, though in obvious need of the love that they are getting. Dollywood's area is fresh and vibrant with a lot of different varity. I enjoy FAAC, but dragon flyer is significantly better version of a family invert. The shaded play area is a much needed add.
  2. @KI Beast it wasn't an overly crowded day, but yes it did seem like operations were slow. Only 1 train on Lightening Rod is a disappointment for speed thru the ride. I think everyone is having issues with staffing it seems, though that may not be the issue for LR. KI would need a ton of work to catch up with Dollywood to get that prize back. @johnjniehaus is probably correct that its not really worth their time. But I would love to see them add to Planet Snoopy and get it back in the ballpark.
  3. Too bad you didn't ride Firechaser express, its a fantastic family coaster, my seat had some wheel wobble/shuffling when we went about a week prior to you, but I personally enjoy it a shade more than Big Bear Mountain (which is fantastic). Dollywood isn't giving up its claim to best kids area any time soon.
  4. I'm guessing because of their strong association with Marvel and Stars Wars now, I think most kids today will associate Disney with everything Marvel and Star Wars. Seems like both properties have taken a bit of a dive since Disney purchased them (or at least over the last several years anyways, not sure exactly at which point Disney acquired them.) Some of that is the natural ebb and flow in that I think super hero movies have been so played out that people are ready to find something different (though I'm not sure that they have) but part of that is on Disney or whomever is in charge of the scripts and stories, they haven't been great for the most part. the other area that will hinder them is for many older generations, Disney then later Nick represented the main kids programing and there wasn't much else. Disney World/Land offered a heightened experience with the characters that you loved in the movies/TV. Today's kids have so many more options for content, youtube, netflix and a billion other streaming services not to mention Tik Tok and the like. Disney's movie of the week is no longer something special, its just another option (well not that the movie of the week thing exists anymore, but you catch my drift) With so many options, younger kids will age out of Disney and into more grown up kids content much quicker that will lesson that sense of nostalgia that older generations developed with Disney Properties. I think the way older generation or Disney Adults if you will feel about Disney will be lost of today's youth if we check back in 20 years. Course by then I'll have my flying car so all will be good
  5. My family spent last week in Pigeon Forge including a day at Dollywood (our 2nd trip, prior one was in 2019). First the weather sucked, but was by no means a washout, actually aside from arrival and our first 30 min or so inside the park, rain was pretty much a non issue, I was hoping that would help keep crowds down a bit (we had similar weather on our prior visit and once the rain/thunder cleared the park was fairly empty) but the crowds were strong for a Wednesday. It was the last day of the ACE event (I'm not in ACE so this wasn't a planned thing, just a coincidence) and with a lot of ACE name badges around that might have been part of the reason for the larger crowds despite the wetish day (it was also wet all week, so Wednesday was the best of the bunch and might have brought in people that wanted to attend one day and that was the best of the pick). Anyhoo, we got into the park shortly after opening. Several rides were still not running yet, but Big Bear Mountain was one of them and it was only listed as a 10 min wait. We headed back to Wildwood Grove and got in line. Probably took about 20 min to get thru the line, a nicely themed entry line, to get on. Sat towards the back, and for 39" height requirement it was an awesome experience/ride. Great theming, felt like pretty good speed and just a lot of fun. If KI has any designs of taking back the best themed kids area from Dolly, well good luck cause they will have to "earn it". Firefly was still not open yet, we had ridden it on our prior visit (I believe that is win Wildwood Grove was still new. Kinda like Flying Ace Arial Chase, but better cars/restraints and a better ride. Definitely feels more "kiddie coaster" than Big Bear Mountain or Fire chase express but a fun ride when we went 4 years ago. When it did open up, it was listed as 40-50 min waits most of the day, so we never jumped on. Anyhoo, my youngest wanted to desperately ride Wild Eagle so we headed in that direction, however on our way Fire Chaser Express had just opened up, and knowing the lines for Wild Eagle would be shorter all day, we jumped on that while there was only a min wait. The Ride, at least my car has gotten noticably rougher than when we rode it 4 years ago, not painful by any means, but a definite rattle; perhaps it just needs new wheels. Anyhoo, for those that have never been, its a great ride, awesome theming, I'd love to see something like this in Planet Snoopy at KI. Best family/kiddie coaster I've been on (39" requirement). From there we jumped on Wild Eagle, maybe a 10 min wait, my youngest son loved it. I rode it last time with my oldest son and it is as smooth as ever. Not super forceful but a fun ride. Lightening Rod opened up at the same time as fire chaser express and what started out as a 10 min wait turned into a 115 min wait by the time we rode FCE and WE and got over there. Rather than wait in line, figuring it was a bit of a "just opened up rush" we grabbed lunch at the restaurant near the entrance. Burger themed diner and I've got to say, not the best food experience, Dolly is known for great food and this was sub par (though better than some other parks food that I've had). By the time we were done, the listed wait was 45 min so we jumped in line, however things we moving very slowly then we saw a car shoot up the lift only to fail to make it over and come back down. I assumed perhaps they could relaunch it from the bottom, however it went down for maintenance with an evac at the bottom of the lift hill. So from there we jumped up to Blazing Fury. We somehow failed to ride that on our prior visit. Fun little indoor family coaster, not great and a little painful in parts but a quirky coaster/dark ride. From there it was Tennessee Tornado, which I'm told is still very smooth but I refuse to ride arrow loopers early in the day so I still can't verify that then over to Thunderhead, their GCI. I'd say I still like Mystic Timbers better, but Thunderhead is still fun like every GCI I've been on (which actually only extends to Renegade at Valley Fair). By that point, Lightening Rod had reopened and the line was down to 60 min so we headed over and got in line. For whatever reason they were only running 1 train, which certainly made the wait longer, but it moved at a slightly steady pace. My daughter waited in line for 60 min then decided to bail, however my 7 year old loved it. Wife and the oldest had ridden it before along with me on our last trip, still forceful, yet smooth. Launch up the hill is fun. At that point, we had cleared all the coasters so it was time for repeats and some flats mixed in. Had diner over by the pizza place at Drop Line, pretty good pizza for a theme park. Since my oldest is Gluten Free, I still haven't had the cinnamon bread which I'm told is out of this world and a must try, but don't want to watch him drooling while I enjoy it so we haven't tried it yet. With the exception of Drop Line, the 7 year old was able to get on everything else that he wanted (WE is a 50" height, he is 52"). I love the park, they had a fun little foam pit set up that the 2 youngest did for awhile during the middle of the day and their summer themeing "road trip" displays were pretty cool, something KI should copy/imitate some day.
  6. I was one of the "no" votes, but since nobody gave their reasoning why they voted no, I'll throw mine out there. I'll start by saying I've never ridden Sling Shot, nor anything like it and never intend to. But that isn't my reasoning for voting no. I will never ride the new rides they just put into Adventure port either (spinny things dont serve me well) either but I much prefer those. Sling Shot was often a no line just kind of sitting there ride. I'm sure the upcharge nature of the ride played a roll in it, but it kind of just took up space. Meanwhile, I believe the new rides at KI will have a consistent line and will serve to please those that are willing and able to ride them. While I may not be able to ride them, the joy and experience they bring to those that do (like the rest of my family) will pull those potential riders away from other rides in the park that I do enjoy, shortening the lines up ever so slightly. Slingshot never shortened up any lines by more than a handful of people spread across the park at any given moment.
  7. If I'm following, you are asking what occupied the space that is currently tower gardens? If so, I'm sorry that I can't answer that, its been some form of tower gardens for a long while (and much of that form was very shoddy as well as on of the designated smoking spots). What I'd love to be seen done is a KI hall of fame kind of display. Get the people at Entertrainment Junction involved who did the Coney Island Mock up (is that sill there on the upper level) and put in a working mock up of the The Beast and and maybe something like Diamondback as part of the history section. They could sell vintage KI clothing apparel there to bring people into the area. It appears like some refreshing of the area has been done of late, but I haven't checked it out yet.
  8. I'm of the opinion that KI needs another tweener coaster. Especially if they have any desire to reclaim "worlds best kids themed area" back from Dollywood. I've proposed this before, and my kids have graduated out of Planet Snoopy, but if I was in charge I'd look hard at removing Snoopy Junction and whatever small circular ride is back there (or maybe relocate it along with some other small kiddie rides for a small kid section out near Action Zone similar to how CP has that small area by Johnny Rockets). I'd relocate the Beattle Bugs for sure, and get ride of the theater/animal farm as well as Snoopy's snack shack. I'd also look into doing something with the pathway near linus launchers, which seems like the forgotten part of Planet Snoopy. Maybe the could relocate Sally's Sea Plane along with that circular ride mentioned earlier and open up a pathway there to allow for some small flats. Anyhoo, with all that space cleared out, I'd look at putting something in on par with Fire Chaser Express (39" height requirement IIRC). That ride is amazing for a family/kiddie coaster. While I'm in that area, I'd give Boo Blasters a big old refresh. I know some want a return to what it was prior, but I'm not sure that would have the repeatability with the small kid target audience. I think the shoot 'em up design is a solid attraction however they need laser guns that actual work (2 weeks ago, only 1 of the 3 on our car worked) and better, fresher targets and props. Some of the props have improved since I last rode on it a couple of years ago (Don't think I was on it last year at all) but a lot need refreshed. Mainly the guns need to actually work. I'd also look into doing something with the other half of the Boo Blaster's building. Is it big enough for an indoor play area like Dollywood and Valleyfair have? I think that would work well.
  9. I thought, perhaps 1937 was a play on the loose ties to Indiana Jones that AE has and Adventure Port expands upon. 1937 would fit in that time line, right between Raiders (1936) and The Last Crusade (1938). What really blew my mind, at least according to this https://screenrant.com/indiana-jones-movie-timeline/ Is that Temple was set in 1935, so its actually a prequel to Raiders. Maybe that should have been obvious, but I've never picked up on that before.
  10. My son and I were on The Beast about 7-8 years ago. I believe we were in row 4. We were coming out of the double helix and down the last little hill right before the brake run. Just as were were hitting the bottom of that hill and about to start back up and into the brake run, a bird flew onto the track (I assume there was a mouse or some type of animal it spotted that it was going after). Train hit is square. Must have been low enough to not get any remnants over the people in the front. as soon as we pulled in, the first handful of rows who saw it all popped toward the front to see the damage.
  11. The easiest way to do that would be to install a handful of cameras in each ride (or at least the major ones) with security watching on TV. They wouldn't have to monitor all rides at once, but if you monitored say Orion for a spell, then The Beast, then Diamdonback, etc... on days that you most suspect line jumping will occur, then you have a smaller group of mobile security that will be in the area of the ride/s that are being actively monitored. Boot the few that you do catch and word will spread quick enough that they are watching and will act. Enforce it hard core for a season and it will die down significantly moving forward.
  12. I wonder how much of the problem is the rise of social me and young people finding it acceptable to document their rude behavior on social media for all to see.
  13. I think its more of a policy that gives them a leg to stand on should they need to removed anyone from the park before they actually do something full on worthy of getting the boot. Ie, there are a group of 14 year olds walking around shoving each other, and cursing lowdly. Maybe they haven't done anything yet that would warrant removal from the park, but now KI has a policy that they can be proactive when needed. The 12 year old that is walking around with some friends, being respectable and polite wont get bothered by this policy is my guess.
  14. I was in line for Banshee along with my 2 sons when the evac call came out. You could tell it wasn't a mechanical failure by the nature of the evac, they cleared out the entire que (90 min wait according to the app), I figured someone had been seriously injured or perhaps there was some sort of fire incident. Never once was it explained there was a gun threat (though I'm not sure how much of a threat it was since it was contained outside the park, but I'm ok with being overly cautious). I think this was probably a good thing, it reduced any sort of panic amongst the patrons while they still managed to get everyone out pretty quickly Beyond that, the park was crazy busy. My son had a baseball game that afternoon, so we shot down afterwords as we downgraded from platinum passes to gold passes and figured getting our new cards would take a few minutes and save us time the next time. The way they process new cards is super easy, though i do recommend they have pens available to sign the cards so that you know who's pass is who. We got dinner but the lines were so long, we decided to bail after dinner and try again in a few weeks. Adventure port is starting to take shape and looks like it will be a nice addition. Not sure why Grain and Grail was not open yet, I would have thought they could have that operational from the get go. Firs time I have had the sausage from the BBQ place, it was pretty good. I'd still prefer the chicken, but that was all out atm and I didn't feel like waiting, so went with something different.
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