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  1. Except maybe it would take on a DC Comics name..
  2. They’re busy trying to figure out what to up-charge us. Salt and pepper on your burger sir? $1.29 please.
  3. Looks like a great event! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Coastermania tickets available for purchase for Summer and Silver Passholders.
  5. Yes, and we both agree and came to that conclusion last time this subject was brought up, but that is ONLY the single day visitor. But on the topic of passholders and their importance. Do you think Kings Island which is not a destination park with hotels like Cedar Point, Universal, or Disney could survive with just single ticket holders? I'm in the camp of that wouldn't be the case. Last year on multiple occasions single day tickets were reduced, sometimes as low as $20! Just based off the numbers a ticket right now to get in plus parking, is around $75. A gold pass is in the ballpark of $150. So, for every individual passholder the money they spent is equivalent to 2 single day visitors. Kings Island does not have the market area to make that up if people only visited once a year, and they certainly wouldn't be getting anywhere near the number of visitors in a season. And once you factor in the dining and drink add on's being eliminated. People would return to eating off site or in the parking lot. I think passholders are quite important.
  6. My ACE card came in the mail today. Can’t wait to attendant my first ACE event next month!
  7. A single visitor is not going to outspend a season passholder if you factor in the entirety of the season. We've had this discussion previously. Also you elude to an annual visitor spending more than $500 for a single / few visits? I highly doubt that. Unless we are talking about a visitor who is also staying in a park owned hotel / resort. Kings Island has no park owned overnight lodging options. And I'm willing to discuss that the average passholder is not visiting anywhere near as often you claim they are. More than likely CF prices their season passes based of how many times the average passholder visits VS an "enthusiast" is not your average passholder.
  8. The only downside with this early extra weekends means the park won’t have everything ready for opening Haunt / WF.
  9. I was around, however I did not have the all season meal plan. So I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just remember how horrible the implementation was of it when it first came out.
  10. What we are seeing as far as CF goes is nothing necessarily new. For example the first year of the season long dining plan:
  11. Great episode that highlights a lot of questions with the current direction of CF. It is true that a lot of it stems from communication and a lot of folks like to blame a certain individual here. However, folks should also realize that person is also relying off getting information from those of higher authority within the chain. Bureaucracy can be a Bee sometimes. I agree 2025 might be the year to hold off on going all in on a season pass. CF has historically been horrible at implementing new things. I anticipate post-merger of this to be any less different.
  12. By "listening" you mean, people are not renewing their pass.
  13. The township was not, they had the power to acquire the pool via imminent domain.
  14. I heard rumors that members of the CSO get a commemorative chunk of the pool.
  15. At this rate the “Save Coney Islanders” are willing to die on the hill that is Sunlite pool. Yet the pool is a lost cause and the support for the still remaining structures should be the new focus. However these “Save Coney Islanders” really are just the “Save Sunlite pool” group that doesn’t want to work with CSO or MEMI about saving what’s left of the park. Sadly, there won’t be anything other than the gate left, when it’s all said and done with the current direction. Just point fingers and blame. However, there will still be people protesting on top of a shiny new blacktop where Sunlite pool once was.
  16. In summary, CF’s CEO, CFO, and CLO are going to get paid if this merger goes through.
  17. At this rate, the only the thing the executives at corporate would be uncomfortable with is not getting their bonuses. Cedar Fair Set to Reward CLO for Helping to Pull Off $8B Six Flags Merger | Corporate Counsel (law.com)
  18. You could purchase a Summer Pass and make the initial payment of $33.80 to attend the event. Then proceed to cancel your Summer Pass afterwards.
  19. With the recent news on Tower Topics. I have an Idea were a certain somebody will be getting their season pass at.
  20. Late post, here is my trip report for my most recent trip to Orlando. I arrived in Orlando and spent the first day getting settled in. The next day I visited Epcot for their Flower and Garden Festival. As far as the Flower and Garden Festival goes, the food was as one would expect from Disney. The decorations and gardening around the park to match the theme of the festival was much better than what they did for Christmas. The following day I taken a break from amusement parks and enjoyed an ECHL game of the Jacksonville Icemen vs the Orlando Solar Bears. Being an interstate matchup made for great play and scuffles. One thing I really enjoyed about this matchup was not having any emotional attachment to either team. Therefor there was no stress on my end. I highly suggest anyone who has a love for any sport to do the same. The day before my flight out, I spent the day at Seaworld Orlando and participated in the Seven Seas Food Festival. Between the 40% discount voucher for merchandise, free feeding tray for the sharks, and a single use quick queue that I got to use this visit. Seaworld & Busch Gardens go to great lengths to show appreciation to their passholders. This was even further exemplified when they provided an additional 3 tastings to pass members who participated in the festival. For the festival one thing I've noticed as a change from this year from the previous is they increased the portions and provided a better variety of food options. My favorite meal by far was the Moroccan lamp chops, with garlic mashed potatoes and tzatziki sauce. Overall, this was a great trip to get out of the cold weather of Ohio.
  21. I chalked up the 2023 season as Chef Perez's rookie season, a season for him to get comfortable in his position then with this season he'd spread his wings and showcase his true culinary talents. If what we are seeing is more of the same. Basically, comfort food as the only options provided, I don't see why the park would keep him around. I've never met or seen an "executive chef" working at Skyline, Larosa's, Panda Express, or other similar comfort food restaurants the park provides outside of the park.
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