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  1. It’s interesting that the original Bat (the one opened in 1981) was designed to have corkscrews. The original ride was to feature two corkscrews-the first being before the second lift hill, and the second one being before the final turn. Some of the original design can be seen as an Easter Egg in the Orion queue. I used NoLimits 2 and recreated it. Here is The Bat as originally designed: https://youtu.be/GvH-SCRIGcE
  2. Utah is now extremely low on ICU beds. Meanwhile at Lagoon, these were the lines: Source(https://twitter.com/kazweida/status/1320511164225261568?s=21) Compare those lines with the ones from KI Its sad other parks are not taking COVID as seriously as CF is.
  3. Coney BarBQue is considered one. They have walls they can slide into place, as seen during Winterfest.
  4. That is a good point. However the only section that is lacking with any sort of indoor dining is Planet Snoopy.
  5. The markers ran in an East-West direction. There was an additional marker east of Kill Mart by the antiques.
  6. It has been open this year. It’s also interesting to note a few more markers were observed heading away from the building. Similar markers were seen prior to Woodstock Gliders and the Coney BarBQue projects.
  7. However, the presence of markers are rather interesting. It is interesting that markers are being placed around a building people have considered out of place.
  8. I absolutely agree. Here’s another idea, the spot could be used for Shake Rattle and Roll- allowing for more open land on the old Vortex site.
  9. Absolutely. There are numerous rides that could fit in the spot. Didn’t Carowinds get a Musik Express?
  10. There are now pink spray markers by Zephyr around the Kill Mart building. The markers can be seen from Zephyr and Racer.
  11. Absolutely. Furthermore we’ve seen Knott’s do food festivals, and be successful at pulling them off.
  12. They were same as usual. They were inspecting bags, and doing the normal procedures.
  13. Here’s a look at a nearly completed Coney Mall and semi completed Oktoberfest section. The interesting thing about the early visualizations is the fact that the park would have had a pathway between Coney and Rivertown at the back and middle of the park.
  14. The engineering of it was a nightmare from the initial conception of the ride. SOB was originally pitched by RCCA to a SF park (they went with and SLC), and that when dropped, Paramount picked it up. The cars were designed with a rubber ring in between the steel halves of the wheel. The rubber was supposed to be a dampening agent, and it was supposed to be a critical part of ensuring the ride ran smoothly. It seems that this design was dropped in late design which is extremely fascinating. You have a ride that doesn’t have the proper wheels that were designed for it, you have wood superstructure collapse during construction (progressive collapse), and you have a wood structure where the members are slightly weakened. Speaking of the POV is not an HD POV, it is a video that has been enhanced through AI algorithms. Furthermore, it was likely shot at 30 FPS, and the computer generated a new frame between every other frame to produce a 60 FPS footage. The person did an amazing job with the upscale though. The footage was indeed shot as part of Discovery’s Top Ten Coasters 2002 special. While shot in high quality, the original footage has been upgraded to 4K quality by computer algorithms. Edit: Furthermore, the first commercial 4K camera came out in 2003, a year after this was filmed.
  15. It’s interesting that nearly all the tombstones don’t have a birth year listed.
  16. More markers have appeared at the drop off lot. It looks like they will tear out the drop off lot.
  17. Generally steel, but I thoroughly enjoy a great wooden coaster!
  18. There’s also concrete coasters. I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.
  19. I rode it at 4:02 and got stuck on it for a bit. It was an interesting experience. The ride would raise vertically, and rotate normally, but when it came time to descend, it just stopped rotating on cue. Everyone on the ride thought KI’s staff did an exceptional job dealing with the situation. In all, the ride is built to deal with these situations, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.
  20. True, I know early concepts don’t look like the final projects. There are numerous differences such as the lake in front of the park entrance, a bridge over the main fountain, the kid coaster being relocated to the south end of the park, and other differences. I just found the Fort Washington theming interesting because it was a nice tie to Cincy History, and it seemed like a mix of time periods -1790, 1849, and 1890.
  21. I was looking at some old concept art, and in the location of the canoe ride, there was an island with a prop Fort Washington model on the island. Why was the prop and theming never set up when the attraction was actually built? Was Rivertown really going to be themed to the Cincinnati of the early 1800s as well?
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