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Don't work there, but I do want to chime in and say you guys are all doing a fantastic job. I was very entertained last night! Even more so closer to midnight when the roamers were going after anyone and everyone. There was a moment in Action Zone that was awesome. This older lady was sitting at the tables in front of Delirium having a conversation with someone. One of the scare actors sat behind her very easily, then poked her on the shoulder. She turned to the left, nothing. She turned to the right, saw his face and jumped/screamed. We got a good kick out of that. The interactions with guests are top notch and highly entertaining. I wish I could make it back one more time this year, but there's always next year. Keep up the fantastic work, you are all very much appreciated! (also want to say thanks for taking time out to take a picture with me or taking time out to pose for a picture)

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Agreed. You all are doing a fantastic job of making my wife and I feel twitchy and comfortable at the same time. Every one of you seem to know how to tailor each scare opportunity to the individual guest. We got behind an elderly couple in a Haunt and every scareactor was very careful to scare the people in front and behind while laying off the elderly couple.

Be proud of yourselves, you all are much appreciated. I hope you're not running into too many troublemakers!

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