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  1. Last year Skyline Chili dogs were a buck during this promotion. This year, I was told they aren't participating because they lost money last year. Really? C'mon Skyline..... are times that tough? That's pretty cheesy to say the least.
  2. Nice weather.... late in the season..... week before school starts... you should be fine.....if you like REALLY large crowds of people!!
  3. Very exciting! I just hope the shoulder restraints aren't the same collarbone crushers that Gatekeeper uses.
  4. Snowmen don't tweet......and we're very proud of that.
  5. I want to share my thoughts about past and present KI employees who read/post on this website's forums and hope you will do the same. With all the hoopla(5 forum pages in 24 hours) about the new ride coming, and the vitriol (flaming, shredding, generally pi$$y back and forths) flying around here, I'd like to send out a genuine "Thank You" to every KI employee past and present who post here. I'm leaning on my 3rd year as a member of KIC. My wife and I moved to Cincinnati after vacationing here in 2009. I wanted to find out everything I could about my new home park and found this site after an employee told me about KIC. I had hundreds of questions that were all answered, some with humor and sarcasm but all were answered completely. (To the newbies: Ask if "anyone" knows an answer to any question you might have... go ahead... I dare you!) I received the most thorough education about Ki thanks to the many members and employees who shared there knowledge on these forums. Then came the what "Was DA going to be?" thread and people began fighting so much they locked it and many members disappeared. Well, here we go again. I don't want this latest fiasco to turn present/past employees away from KIC. I don't think the newbies here realize what a treasure trove of knowledge can be learned on these forums. The new ride will be announced soon, and this will all die down, many newbs will disappear, and maybe things will get back to normal. Hopefully not too many of you are soured on all this. Please stick around, you all are muchly appreciated.
  6. ^^ I'm not seeing a difference!
  7. Fast Lane=good idea, Fast Lane plus=not so much. Here's why: we got the plus pass on a Tuesday, GK was very crowded and we rode 8 times in a row until our collarbones couldn't take the restraints anymore. We went to TTD and the regular line was no longer than the Fast Lane line(you merge at the bottom of the split ramp). I'm guessing everyone was waiting for GK. So GK is enjoyable for maybe 3 rides all day, after that it just hurts. TTD lines were much shorter thanks to the newness of GK. All the other rides were great to walk on thanks to regular Fast Lane.
  8. Many others, including the Gatekeeper ride-ops. Let's hope a similar torture isn't coming to KI in 2014!
  9. What good would Metal Detectors do? The gun was in his truck. I think the take away from this is if you see someone acting suspiciously or something doesn't seem right, go with your gut and tell an employee.
  10. Yeah, I was going to keep this to myself, but Snow woman and I did a fast pass marathon on Gatekeeper and rode it 8 time in a row. By the 8th our collarbones were completely bruised. We asked the ride op about it and he said they are getting many complaints about how bad the vests hurt everyone's collarbone regardless of the persons size. We were extremely disappointed, and strongly hope that those torture train restraints don't show up at KI next year.
  11. Maybe KI will bring in M. Night Shyamalan to theme the coaster. Of course he would have to make the final twist incredibly stupid!
  12. One of the tall fir trees near the southeast corner of ET is clearly dead and dripping with lights. You gotta wonder if the lights had something to do with it's demise.
  13. Clowns.....Know why cannibals don't eat clowns?......They taste funny!
  14. Nailed it! It was post 3, not 4. Anyone not around then, I recommend scanning those 49 pages for poops and giggles. Keep in mind post 3, the wild speculation, the ones who "knew what was coming" and the results.
  15. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23400-planning/#entry415878 You're warm, but there was a topic around that time where Shaggy actually mentioned Dinosaurs around the 4th post, and then the debate turned to super suspended seven loop coasters for 30+ pages.
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