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Busch Gardens Tampa/Florida Trip plans for 2012

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Hello again everybody! Once again, I'm asking for some advice for what may be a future possible trip. My sister will be getting a big tax check this year and wants to visit a Flordia Theme Park- Busch Gardens and Universal came to mind, since Disney is known for being uber-expensive. Since Seaworld Orlando is also down there, I was also checking out combo packages of it with BGT, but then...

I found what seems to be a GREAT deal (it's a vacation package) that includes: A 3-day *** hotel near Busch Gardens, tickets for each day, a free day "All-You-Can-Eat-For-Free" Pass (for everyone in the group? I'm not 100% sure how this might work...) for around $500 (a bit more or less, depending on how many people go). This, in my mind, has put Busch in "1st place" right now. Alas, no Seaworld combo. But, of course, I have some questions.

#1- How crowded are these parks (Busch & Universal) during...February? Would we need fast-passes? (Although Busch Gardens, from what I checked, is VERY reasonable on their fast-pass prices...why must Kings Island be $50 if BG is only $32?) However, considering the schedule says they close at 6PM...sounds like they don't expect huge crowds that time of year.

#2-Universal lost some ground as I was checking out their on-site hotels, and then found out they want over $250 PER NIGHT. Yikes! Are there any cheaper hotel options worth looking at?

EDIT: NEVER MIND, just googled it and MUCH cheaper hotels came up. Crowd levels may be a factor, though, if we need fast-pass (included with uber-expensive hotels)

#3-If we go for the "it looks good & affordable" BGT vacation package, does that "Free Food" pass go to EVERYONE in the group or just one person?

Thanks for any advice. While I'm not 100% sure if this trip is going to happen (Cedar Point '11. Never happened. Although we did go to Holiday World and my sister does want to visit CP this year...) any advice is still VERY welcome. General tips, of course, are also welcome. My sister would appreciate it, as would I. ^_^

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I am actively planning a trip to Orlando right now for my honeymoon in May. We are staying at a 3 star resort for 6 nights, and have flex passes to the orlando parks (universal, islands of adventure, wet n wild, aquatica, and Sea World) For the hotel and the flex passes (which are good for 2 weeks) for two people it was 1000 dollars for the stay, and includes early access to IoA, but not flash passes. You can add Busch gardens to the flex pass for an extra 50 bucks a person.

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WOW. All that for only $1,150...umm, well, we'll need to see how big this tax check is but if it's big enough...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D

Got a bit exicted there for a second...where did you get this vacation package from, anyhow? It sounds like a steal...


Is this the package? Doesn't seem to include the hotel, however:


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Yeah the flex ticket actually looks like a great deal. Idk where Kingsrattler found the hotel deal but here is a site for the tickets.


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Thanks, that is actually cheaper than the site I found...


D'OH! Just added a "cheap" hotel for the 14 days and it comes to over $1,500...


Found a website that lets us build our own vacation packages, and some of them are coming up with good prices actually...I just found a Seaworld, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios package with a 5-day hotel stay for $663! SWEET.


Oops! Forget 2nd update...I made a mistake a forgot to add Universal Studios...BLAGH. But it still comes up to only about...$1,037...not bad!

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I visited Busch Tampa in the Feb timeframe a couple of years ago. Park was not crowded at all and I got many rides and was able to eat well and see many animals also. I wouldn't think FP are necessary.

Also, I'll say it before Avatar does. Don't assume that Disney is too expensive - he has shown many times that staying at a value resort (Pop) buying a multi-day ticket, and getting the free dining plan deal can make it quite affordable.

Your interests should also drive where you go - are you looking for thrill rides only, an experience, Potter, a mix of animals, rides, theme.

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It might be cheaper to purchase the BG/SW 2 day ticket, and the US/IOA 2park, 2day ticket. Only if you do not plan to go to water parks.

You will need to purchase the All-Day Dining Deal PER PERSON, PER PARK.

SW and BG food selections are better than Universal's. Zambia Smokehouse, Dessert Grill and Zagora Cafe are my favorites at BG. I don't go to SW enough to remember the names of my favorite restaurants there. Burger Digs in Jurrassic Park and Monster Cafe at US are my favorite at Universal.

Go here: http://seaworldparks...fers/Multi-Park

Right now there is an online deal for $114.99 for the BG/SW adult tickets. There is a child discount too. All-Day Dining at BG is $29.99 Plus what it costs at SW. I think it is the same price. You can actually go to seaworld.com and your shopping cart from buschgardens.com will continue over to SW, so you won't loose your order and can continue to shop for your tickets.

So for one adult:

BG/SW ticket 114.99

BG Meal deal 29.99

SW Meal Deal 29.99

Total 174.97 per adult for those 2 parks. Completely 100% worth it!

Universal's 2 day park to park ticket for an adult is $135 https://secure.unive...xternalID=UO2dp

Ticket 135.99

1 day 2 park meal deal x 2 49.98

Universal total per adult 185.97

it would be 360.94 plus taxes for the 4 parks per adult.

Universal's offers 79 cent refills in their souvenir cups!

I think BG is 99cents.

Hope this helps.

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