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Kings Island Skyline Panorama


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I found this super-huge, high-quality picture of Kings Island, taken in 2009 from the parking lot. I find it quite neat- if you zoom in, you can actually "look around" and it seems like you are really in KI's parking lot...too bad you can't go in and ride stuff though. :P April 28th cannot come soon enough, eh?


(Not actually POSTING the picture due to its huge size- slow connections will have problems with it, the image file itself is actually over 1MB...but why do you have such slow internet in 2012, unless you're on your phone or something?)

Picture is from Panoramio.com- the user has a few more KI pictures too (I'm not sure if they are a KIC member or not...), but I found this one the "coolest". I love skylines (of both cities and amusement parks) and this "view" of Kings Island is one of my favorites.

PS: If someone would be kind enough this year to take this same "shot", updated for 2012 with WindSeeker (only real major change to skyline from this picture)...perhaps even if I visit KI this year with a camera, when we go to our car for lunch...(NOTE: Even if I did take a "copy" of this image, I do not know how to make Panoramas so it would be a smaller shot or several smaller shots...)

I would also have really loved if someone had taken a shot from this spot in '72...or any year prior to 1999, before giant roller coasters began to dominate the landscape of Kings Island, for comparison purposes...but I don't think pictures from this view from back then even exist, as I would expect this "shot" didn't start to become popular until Son of Beast was born...

This isn't much of a topic (1 picture) but I hope someone can enjoy it...not my picture either if anyone was wondering.

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OK, while browsing around on that site (or somewhere- I may have been transferred to Google Earth or something, I'm not sure) I discovered this pic (Warning: This time it's not Kings Island):


Who knew Cedar Point could be so beautiful...(well, probably everyone who's been there :P ...)

And BLUE STREAK IS SMALL & PEWNY :P !!! (or at least it looks like it compared to TTD and stuff from the next beautiful CP pic):


(Oh boy, found yet another purdy amusement park picture):

Random Kayaker dude discovers Cedar Point...LOL. Actually, it's a kayaking club that apparently "kayaks" around Cedar Point. Sounds interesting, actually...


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OK, since there's some confusion over this, I'll talk since I (and a few others around here know as well, so I'm confirming for them): The "Bulls-Eye" on the Eiffel Tower, visible in the panorama, was for Nick Wallenda's World Record tightrope walk as a "promo". Here's a video of the amazing feat:

And, for the record, this was not the first time the Eiffel Tower was used as a "prop". In 1998, to generate "buzz" for their new-for-1999 ride Drop Zone: Stunt Tower, Paramount put a sign at 264' (the height you drop from on what is now Drop Tower) on the Eiffel Tower that said "Drop This Far in '99!". Say what you will about everything else they did, when Paramount advertised a new ride, they did it with style!

UPDATE: Original post had wrong video of RICK Wallenda's 2008 tight rope walk...sorry!

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