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Diamondback Seems to be Down


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Skaterboy,my source isnt a friend and isnt a security guard! Believe what you want but im pretty sure i was the post that said when DB would be running and when it did.SoB will never run again,no texas giant makeover either,yeah,remember i said that too!!!! ;)

Yes, you did say when Diamondback would be operational again, and lord behold, you were correct. Good job, would you like a pat on the back?

Now on to Son of Beast, you don't know what is going to happen to him. It has been stated time and time again, very few people, if anyone actually know what is going to happen in the long run. Son of Beast has been sitting SBNO going on 4 years now. The Texas Giant makeover is a really good possibility. It worked for Texas Giant, didn't it? I'd imagine that Cedar Fair wouldn't like to just throw away a giant investment like Son of Beast. The Texas Giant makeover is a big possibility, but so is being torn down. So on that note, your source must be pretty high up in the Cedar Fair chain of command. If this is true, and he did in fact share this information with you, he's taking a big risk on his job. Cedar Fair doesn't like it when their secrets get out. Hell, they don't like it when an employee tells a guest why a ride is down. Trust me, I know first hand. So, if all of this is true, he'd probably tell you to keep your mouth shut because I know he doesn't want to loose his job; someone that high up must bring home a pretty penny. I know if it was me, I'd make sure you kept your mouth shut by not telling you in the first place.

So, Jr for Birdy, -_-

Zach now waiting to see what happens next..

I disagree with almost everything you have said here, so basically you lose credibility. The Son of Beast will not reopen and while those exact words were not used, it was very clear that the ride is done and it came from the second highest source. (The CEO - the highest source GOD made has made no comment on the matter.)

Please inform me where you herd this from. I would love to see your source. You did say "while those exact words were not used, it was very clear that the ride is done and it came from the second highest source", right? So, please show me where you read/herd that the CEO of Cedar Fair made it clear that Son of Beast will not reopen. I find it very intriguing that there are all these people coming on here claiming they have all this information about everything. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. ‚ÄčIf it was not directly said, then it is not the case. When I say directly, I mean something along the lines of the CEO, PR, or someone else who has the authority to make a statement from the park coming out and saying something like Son of Beast will never reopen, or We have no itention of reopening Son of Beast anytime in the future. Just anything along those lines.

This used to be a place where I could come and share my love of roller coasters and other thrill rides with other people who share the same love. Now, every time I get on, there is some idiot who has no idea what they're talking about, rambling on about something they either made up, read somewhere but cant remember where, saw on Wikipedia, or herd from a reliable source. My apologies to the new comers who actually know what they are talking and are making the forums enjoyable, and to the seasoned KICers who have credibility on these forums. You guys make my time here enjoyable. This is just refering to these people. Now I'm sorry if I'm coming off rude, but this is getting a little ridiculous and I know I am not the only one who thinks this.

DB was down for 2 and a half days due to a structural problem near the on the ride photo

May I ask your source, also?

i know someone who works the ride.

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