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A few weeks ago, somehow I ended up near Salt Lake City.

I had a few spare hours, so of course I went to Lagoon.

My quick way to describe the park is: The Utah version of Rye Playland in New York.

-Both parks are between 40°57′ and 40°59′ North. (about 2 miles difference)

-Both parks assign seats on the roller coasters

-Both parks have a dragon themed coaster

-Both have large grassy things running through the midway (I can't think of what they are called, not really gardens but they have plants and things in them)

-Both parks have several dark rides

-Both seem to have Yankees fans everywhere

Roller coasters:

Spider - A fun spinning ride, just like the dragon at Waldameer. This is the ride with signs in the line asking to not sit on the fence. (The purple fence that would really hurt to sit on, you can see it by searching for images)

Wild Mouse - Mouse

Bombora - Newest coaster, I'd say it is a like Spider, but without any spinning. They play beach music through speakers in the car, and it is a nice family style ride.

Roller Coaster - Wood coaster designed by John Miller 1921, which makes it one of the oldest anywhere. A double out and back style ride, and still very enjoyable.

Colossus the Fire Dragon - Schwarzkopf double looping, with a big helix after the loops.

I don't want to explain just how much more awesome this ride is compared to most coasters that have inversions… it might be too insulting considering Arrow Dynamics was located so close to here.

Wicked - Tower Launch coaster, and similar to Eurorfighters, and have only lap restraints. They have booster seats if you are between 46-50", or above 50" rides without them. The restraints do clamp down tight after the blast over the tower, and there are too many bugs attacking from the little lake inside the structure, but it is still a nice ride.

Bat- Clone of Runaway Reptar. It had a long line, so I didn't end up riding.

Jet Star 2 - did not ride

Puff the Little Fire Dragon - did not ride

Other things:

Flying Aces: Bisch-Rocco 10-tub Flying Scooter, and it runs clockwise. Definitely High Snappability.

They also have a Herschell Merry-Go-Round from 1906, a double shot from S&S about 200 feet tall, and a bunch of other rare and common flat rides, kiddie rides, and attractions. I would like to go back someday and enjoy the park some more.

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This is a park I've always wanted to check out, mainly for the setting but for Wicked as well. The only thing is it's a long way from a large metropolis (and other amusement parks) other than Salt Lake City, so this may have to wait until a visit to Yellowstone. Thanks for the report!

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