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  1. Industry sources say the lifthill and first drop were "dropped" this morning.
  2. B&M's have gentler hills than John Millers, not to mention far more effective restraint systems.
  3. The parabolic negative airtime hills would not be recreated in the USA in today's climate. A rebuilt Big Dipper would resemble the original as much as Kings Dominion's Grizzly does Coney Island of Ohio's Wildcat or Canada's Wonderland's Mighty Canadian Minebuster does Coney Island of Ohio's Shooting Star--which is to say almost not at all. Geauga Lake itself had the prime exemplar. The Raging Wolf Bobs was made of wood and had coaster trains that ran on steel wheels on wood track. Otherwise....the Riverview Bobs recreated? No. Just no.
  4. Every US and Canadian amusement/theme park has a max capacity--set by, among other things, fire and evacuation concerns.
  5. And some places won't even allow any grandfathering regardless. In any event, some laws and regulations, like the ADA, have no grandfathering provisions anywhere in the USA.
  6. And yet the Washington Metro always has ads for the Busch Gardens Yule Event.
  7. See also Kings Island. Columbus Day. 2016. The park was..... CLOSED.
  8. Now, yes. When Cedar Fair closed the park, no. And for reasons previously alluded to, rebuilding it exactly somewhere else is almost certainly not an option. John Miller woodies aren't design compliant with modern day standards for newly built rides.
  9. No. What needed to be done by a company like Cedar Fair was to preserve the ride and move it elsewhere...like Valleyfair!
  10. PTC? Big Dipper was a John Miller with in-house rebuilt, heavily modified NAD trains.
  11. You assume: a. The blueprints exist. b. Cedar Fair would sell them. c. The ride could be rebuilt without extensive changes in today's regulatory and legal environment. d. There is room for that coaster at Coney Island of Ohio. At least one of those is highly unlikely.
  12. Given how many people from Eastern and West Kentucky feel about Lexington, I'm not sure I agree....
  13. 800,000 VISITORS IN 2016! INCREASE OF MORE THAN 200,000 OVER 2015: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2016/09/26/kentucky-kingdom-claims-attendance-record/91121874/ VERY good news for Kentucky Kingdom indeed.
  14. The National Park Service has announced that the Washington Monument will not in fact reopen during September but rather will remain closed indefinitely. They have not identified what specifically is causing the elevator problems. It has been closed since August 17. They hope to have more information in the next couple of weeks. The Monument is unlikely to reopen until the elevator has been "modernized."
  15. From industry sources, I hear hundreds and hundreds of free admissions were projected for the weekend--in an attempt to meet or exceed last year's attendance figures...
  16. That's Coney Island of Ohio, of course. Terp, who was trying to figure out WHAT ACE event in Brooklyn, then it hit him...yep, he's been away from the Midwest---more than five years now (and that's why there's no Cyclone ERT )
  17. Texas weather is substantially different than on the Great Lakes.... Terp, just notin'
  18. The Interpreter has his hands full at the moment, and is very likely to have them even fuller for the next four years. Thank you for your confidence, though.
  19. ...or not. more: http://ktla.com/2016/09/18/investigators-find-similarities-between-new-jersey-new-york-explosions/
  20. The NYC explosive devices in Chelsea are reportedly believed to be from the same person: http://email.foxnews.com/t?r=5&c=48272&l=35&ctl=9549A:4EC85B7F2D19781933593E71E3B7DD05&
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