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  1. Yep. But when would you say was the beginning? Terp -- who likes to ask questions.
  2. Alleged Hackers Claim Responsibilty: http://m.wlwt.com/news/cpd-investigates-threat-against-zoo-alleged-hackers-claim-responsibility/41586680
  3. Mr. Seibert Speaks: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/news/2016/09/07/exclusive-new-fiesta-texas-president-talks-about.html
  4. It wouldn't matter if it reached 1.5 million signatures. At all. Internet petitions aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  5. For an hour? A day? The rest of the season? It's open until it is not. If past performance...
  6. You aren't going to find a campground very close to Carowinds. I stay down in South Carolina, south of the park. As has previously been stated, the park is not located in the nicest part of Charlotte...
  7. Victim a 14 year old. We are supposed to be comforted as this was apparently "not random"? Really? Terp, profoundly disturbed, thinking of a four letter word that begins and ends with the letter g.
  8. Also, I still say there can be no assurance the park, the hotel, or related entities will open for 2017 or stay open for the entire season.
  9. The unsecured creditors are basically being stiffed. If they ever collect a cent, they'll be lucky. Terp, posting as a financial type only..no opinions related to any other discipline are to be implied or inferred herein.
  10. BREAKING: Bankruptcy Judge Confirms Park Reorganization Plan: http://www.goerie.com/news/20160906/bankruptcy-court-judge-confirms-conneaut-lake-park-reorganization-plan
  11. What happened to the proposed Meijer? The township had what seemed to be an ever-growing list of DEMANDS for Meijer to meet. If I were Meijer, I would take my capital investment elsewhere. Note there are two competing townships that are affected by the old Six Flags Worlds of Adventure real estate, and they don't get along.
  12. http://wncn.com/2016/09/05/person-shot-seriously-injured-near-carowinds-amusement-park/ Now revised...
  13. And the Big Dipper, one of the finest John Miller coasters I ever rode, sits rotting.
  14. (The sticky thread right above this one) http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/4128-terms-of-service/#entry60232
  15. That's one word for it. SeaWorld. Insightful management? Foolhardy?
  16. Yes. Someone knows. Terp--who can be moderate in his comments, and just was.
  17. The park rent is well below market because of its location. The Fair Board sought operators to operate in this location. By all accounts, Mr. Hart & Company had the only somewhat responsive bid. Six Flags, having massively invested in Kentucky Kingdom at first, quit doing so, and instead massively did so in Ohio, largely because of KK's location. Melinda Ashcraft transferred to SFOG after Six Flags stopped massive Kentucky investment. The original Kentucky Kingdom went bankrupt largely due to the park's location. Location, location, location. The location hasn't changed. After the thrill of new coasters is gone, can Kentucky Kingdom make it where it is without massive reinvestments each year? We are about to find out, sooner or later...
  18. My father would say for little boys to ask questions about. Worked, too.
  19. Maybe because it's not in Kansas? Terp, who likes to ask questions.
  20. And the AP article has the fair admitting that includes at least some free (in this case military) admissions. The more I read, the worse it gets.
  21. The AP article: http://m.wlky.com/news/Kentucky-State-Fair-draws-564-000-in-11-day-run/41482682 "good weather" "concerts" "helped draw crowds" Dude, you were DOWN SIX PERCENT. This is NOT a good news story. Either they just don't get it or they think the public is dense. Next year? August 17-27. Again AFTER local schools start. Well after...
  22. The non-North American SIX parks are license agreements that fill SIX coffers. Not a dime is lost, money is only made from them.
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