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  1. I doubt you'll have to worry about other people being there...
  2. Impressed because they want things? Many here want to run a theme park... Wanting, ability and resources are three, often very different, things. Anyone can write a list of wants.
  3. That was the last owner. He lost the property in a foreclosure sale.
  4. At the old Guntown Mountain: http://www.glasgowdailytimes.com/news/new-guntown-mountain-owners-have-big-plans/article_a011b532-4237-11e6-a787-cb38f4fb3549.html I'm sure Beech Bend and Kentucky Kingdom will be thrilled! Looking at the business 'plan' and article, I'm floored.
  5. No injuries, Fox says: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/09/17/no-injuries-after-device-explodes-before-marine-charity-run-in-new-jersey.html
  6. Device Explodes, Another Found Along Route Of Marine Military Run: http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2016/09/explosive_device_goes_off_on_route_of_5k_run_for_m.html
  7. That would require them to stay open later at night than when their security comfort zone apparently ends. Yet, see Kentucky State Fair. Hours.
  8. The Kingdom is closed to the public today for a park buyout. Open tomorrow and next weekend. That's IT. No boo event. No holiday fest. My head hurts.
  9. Uh, no. A. I don't need to ask Six Flags. B. It was announced the entire ride would be done, 1/3 each year. C. The first third was done. And then....
  10. And how does The Georgia Cyclone ride now? Why didn't Six Flags complete the other 2/3? Terp -- who learned about Socrates and questions long ago and far away.
  11. What did they do to the Georgia Cyclone? And did they do the entire track? Terp -- who likes to ask questions.
  12. ...which isn't saying much. Once the animals left, the fate of the dry park was essentially sealed. And the person who proudly proclaimed Cedar Fair not to be in the animal business and who decided not to acquire the fishies was...
  13. I'm not sure it isn't true. Other sites have picked it up, including Yahoo Sports, but the source you cited is literally snark.
  14. What's a tv? Terp -- who hasn't owned one since 2011 and hasn't watched more than 50 hours a year in decades.
  15. Then you need to eat some skillet fried chicken. You really are missing out if you think that mass produced medocre grub is good--much less best.
  16. Mitch Hawker runs a very complicated fairly unbiased enthusiasts' poll. Regular guests? Parks do their own proprietary research--which they ain't sharing with anybody.
  17. Home pressure cooking fried chicken can be VERY dangerous. I'd not advise it. Plus I guarantee your chicken is better than KFC's. Chicken fried in an electric skillet is far, far superior.
  18. I spent many years in Kentucky. I've fried in a pressure cooker many hundreds of batches of Brand X version KFC. I've had Knott's fried chicken, years ago. To say it was unremarkable is to be kind. Nothing about Mrs. Knott's was superb--not the chicken, not the sides, not the atmosphere and certainly not the "service."
  19. Other than who gets the Beach Club insurance proceeds, which additional property has to be sold and when to pay off secured debts, scraping up enough money to open next year, securing tax exempt status, board squabbles, and...most of all, actually operating a park not at a loss (NOT just increasing revenue--not adding more and more and more debt) for now, yes. At the hearing, the Trustees' representative sought "one last chance." Only one unsecured creditor voted against the plan. An appeal on the plan decision itself is very unlikely. The appeal of the Beach Club decision continues. But nowhere along the way have these people learned to run a successful amusement park. It sadly will result the sane way, again. They are already wanting to add a year round family fun center--which will distract them, and, doubtlessly, lose more money. Note that unlike an individual, a business entity can (and often does) file or get forced into filing bankruptcy a short time after a prior bankruptcy has been resolved. The wisdom of that I leave for others. The likelihood here is, sadly, quite high. The problems that lead the park, again and again, to precarious financial positions, have not been resolved.
  20. Or buying, or not buying, enough ads in Mr. Slade's Golden Publication...
  21. Nothing found. Park reopens: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/flags-america-closed-due-bomb-threat-article-1.2709662
  22. http://wjla.com/news/local/six-flags-america-evacuated
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