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  1. I think Hershey's was removed before i visited in 2017. but I 'd be surprised if i liked it cause i love the aspect of doing that motion right near the floor.. the same reason i strongly prefer the left side of Thunderbird & XFlight
  2. Good to know! My favorite is when you're spinning but before the arms lift you in the air. Its like gliding over water like scrambler but you have no neck strain :p Me and my sister just asked a fellow guest that was boarding how long and they were like 40 min maybe lol Wait what? is that true? I wouldntve noticed as I "spun" so that I always faced Banshee (for the laughs.. which is counter clockwise i think) and then we went clockwise to match the ride's rotation... least thats how I thought we did it until you made that post XD
  3. i thought they were just moved to the entrance of the final tunnel but... i didn't get a good look
  4. update to my impressions. I really appreciate the amount of work. but i definitely wish it were feasible to get on-board audio or many many speakers at the mid-ride dialogue spots. Yesterday I got to hear a couple sentences and imagining if I couldve heard everything, it made it feel akin to the universal adventures feels like a lot of effort went into the dialogue and you cant always hear it depending on where you get told to sit & sometimes you dont hear it at all. However! despite that one tomb guy not pumping his arms for the past month.. I was able to find at least 2 spikes that actually came out and retracted. - and no.. I'm not expecting on-board audio. Just wishing it were in the cards or easier to pull off
  5. Orion is literally my favorite coaster at Kings Island right now. Its duration leaves some to be desired... but so does The Bat.. and half the coasters at Hershey.. and many other places; it happens sometimes. But, the ride style is very much my style. I know, very specific
  6. And another fantastic thing about Kings Island over Carowinds (and no joke, most other amusement parks) is the typical speed of their operations! Gotta love the speed of our people! Your username is perfect for this joke XD
  7. One thing for sure is that the budget for Adventure port was mostly well used! But just because things are budgeted, doesn't always mean it was budgeted well; and if that's someone's perception, that's their opinion. Just as they neednt get too upset with perceived shortcomings, we shouldn't get too upset with negative viewpoints; just present our positive outlook when possible.. Im tired. Having recently taken a spin on Six Flags St. Louis' mine train & Silver Dollar City's mine train.. though both actually decent & fantastic.. I did appreciate Adventure Express in certain ways for both! Ours is somehow less painful than Thunderation despite the clearly more computerized design profiling. Also, NEVER take AE's seats for granted compared to the earlier mine trains :p
  8. You're not crazy. It would be better to record several people to tap along side with (audio wise) just to fill out the sound and make it full. Vocal choruses in PTE (to my memory & assumption) definitely seemed to have recorded tracks, even last year. In general, when its a choral moment, it's usually nicer to balance pre-recorded bgvs with the live vocals being barely heard. You dont want fully recorded nor have the soloists stick out like a sore thumb. Least this was always my opinion of the best outcome. I don't believe we have any substantial evidence that PTheatre will make a return directly following PTE... that's all I can deduce, and the most Im willing to postulate from rumors. Though, I absolutely think they should go for it!
  9. Scooby Doo is actually to blame for the advent of the cardboard cut outs XD. they at least did a mix of cardboard and real props... but there was as many cutouts as we see now basically
  10. single-use should've always been the only option from the inception of fastlane IMO. But since we're not in my idealized imagination, I just hope they make legit limits to how many FLs get redeemed, or simply sold per day by a certain time.
  11. Yeah the shade structure for cargo is likely for an attendant some days? not sure. Was hoping for shade over the ride itself; Especially with the ride having you have to grab a metal ring. Looks fun though! Adventure Express review.
  12. What do we think the meaning of "right track" is??
  13. if they could upgrade the seats, I'm betting that's unlikely; sorry to be a pessimist
  14. Definitely possible. Though, with no real basis besides a hunch.. I would wager the demise of the giant top spin was the decision to chop off an entire row, changing the balance of the ride & then trying to push the hardware to be more thrilling.. TR:TR definitely had downtime... but maybe about as much as Delirium? (i was young) I always wondered if we'd have the ride still given the theming, alone, were changed to be very cheap generic scary stuff.. (and) or the ride sequence was similar intensity. Afterall, people also tout SOB to be a reason to not do a vertical loop on a woodie... but that was like.. the most successful thing about it, despite its removal being a consequence rather than a cause. (again just my hunches) --- In on-topic news ... Testing happened today May 24th for Cargo Loco but with all barrels in this time~ if the Eiffel Tower ridership hasn't gone up for adventure port, then people just don't know what they're missing :p
  15. Thanks chad_1138 here's a quick video of the same thing taken around 1:30pm May 17
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