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McSalsa's Coaster Adventures: Indiana State Fair 2016


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Disclaimer: Despite my normal TR title, there were zero coasters ridden on this...uhh...trip.


Well, yesterday I went to the Indiana State Fair (something I didn't even think would happen even yesterday) and had a fun time. So, here is a trip report of what I did, ate, etc etc...


Oh and I have added a bit to my scoring system. There are now 3 scores for each ride, from 1-5 based on...

Fun Factor: How fun was it? (Most important) 1 is zero fun, and 5 is super fun
Intensity: How scary/strong forced was it? 1 is super tame, 5 is super intense

Comfort: How comfortable was it? (For a roller coaster this would be roughness), 1 is painful, 5 is super comfy


Upon arriving at the fair, we headed through the horse barn (beautiful horses, but they so stinky :P) and onto the main Miday. While mythe  friends went into the beer/wine festival thing (I don't drink alcohol so I didn't join them) I went and got a hot dog since it was a $2 Tuesday, and I was a bit hungry. It was fairly good and satisfied me enough for that moment, but I was still a bit hungry. After the others came out from the beer festival and we headed off, we eventually stopped at a stand selling "Western" style sodas- I got Orange Cream. It was delicious. We then headed to a stall selling...cooked Bison/Buffalo!?!? My sister insisted I try it, so I did by getting a $2 Bison Quesadila...wow, Bison is shockingly delicious. She also gave me one of her egg rolls (she got 2 and only wanted 1) and that was also delicious, and now I was full. After that, we met up with a group of friends, and headed for the rides midway.


Half the group went off to ride Speed (similar to Cedar Point's old Skyscraper ride) but the line was super long. I saw no line for Mega Drop, so me and my sister went and did that instead.


Ride #1: Mega Drop

Basically a 1/3rd scale version of Drop Tower at Kings Island, minus the spinning. Still a fun ride, but it can't match up to the bigger version KI has- of course.
Fun: 4/5 (Still pretty fun but it's not Drop Tower)

Intensity: 3/5 (Drop Towers need to be much taller to score higher here)

Comfort: 4/5 (This ride was actually pretty comfortable)


After Mega Drop, we headed to Crazy Mouse (which was awesome when we rode it in 2014), but it broke down and never re-opened. <_< So we headed to a old school classic instead...

Ride #2: Tilt-A-Whirl

If you know flat rides, you know what this is.

Fun: 5/5 (WHEE!!! WHY DOES Kings Island NOT HAVE ONE OF THESE!?!?)

Intensity: 4/5 (It spun...a lot. And fast.)
Comfort: 4/5 (Not very painful though later on a re-ride a friend pushed the lapbar into my leg like an idiot and that 2nd ride was a 3/5)


After the awesome fun that was Tilt-A-Whirl (KI ride pickers...grab one of these...) I saw a short line for a ride that looked uber-crazy.


Ride #3: Remix

Basically it's Shake, Rattle, and Roll gone insane is probably how I would describe this one.

Fun: 5/5 (It was as crazy as it looked)
Intensity: 5/5 (Halfway through the ride I didn't know which way was up!)
Comfort: 3/5 (Not painful until later in the 2nd half, but it only lasted a few seconds thankfully)


If KI adds one of those, it would be a thrilling flat ride that isn't huge like Drop Tower. Afterwards, we re-rode the Tilt-A-Whirl which was not as fun as the first ride but still fun, then we headed to...

Ride #4: Thunder Bobs

It spins around and swings the cars, so it reminded me of The Bat/Flight Deck/TOP GUN in a way.

Fun: 3/5 (I was expecting a bit more from this...)

Intensity: 3/5 (Not as intense as I was expecting either)
Comfort: 4/5 (At least it wasn't painful)

After Thunder Bobs, we went and split up even more. I was alone now to ride the Music Express, named "Blizzard" while my sister and her boyfriend rode Gravitron. I didn't wanna ride that one as I got sick on one in the past.


Ride #5: Blizzard (A Music Express ride)
I had never ridden one of these...Kings Island used to have one I think though.

Fun: 4/5 (some decent airtime in spots, though most of it is a little weak, and some HARD laterals)

Intensity: 4/5 (mainly due to laterals)
Comfort: 2/5 (again mainly due to laterals, but also due to how LOUD they were playing the music...my ears hate me now.)


After Blizzard, we re-grouped again and rode the trailer-ed Dark Ride, Tomb of Doom.


Ride #6: Tomb of Doom

A dark ride, in the back of a Semi Truck...

Fun: 2/5 (Boring, but the cheesiness was a bit of a chuckle)

Intensity: 2/5 (No intensity at all here besides a jumpscare or two)
Comfort: 5/5 (But, it was very comfortable at least)


By this point, it was getting late, and I just wanted to ride one more ride- Yo-Yo- before we left. I was expecting it to be similar to the Wave Swinger rides I had ridden...


Ride #7: Yo-Yo

A swing ride.

Fun: 3/5 (Uhh...would have been a 4, but...)
Intensity: 5/5 (I nearly hit the kid in front of me a few times at max speed, did once at low speed, and the speed and forces were much higher than any Wave Swinger I have ever been on, catching me off guard...WindSeeker is far less intense than this!)

Comfort: 4/5 (would have been 5/5, but the ride made me bump into the kid ahead of me while it was stopping)


After the crazy Yo-Yo ride, we headed home. We stopped by a very high-end Kroger on the way back though. I hope you all enjoyed this trip report. McSalsa away! :P (Comments and questions welcome of course)

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Good stuff; glad you were brave enough to try some fairground rides. They look cool, but I get nervous on them. Outside of a "salt-and-pepper-shaker" ride at a local festival, I've only been on a handful of fair rides- a giant Ferris Wheel, a scrambler, chairswings, a kiddie ride that took you up and around, and a portable carousel. Also, I looked up Remix on Youtube and it looks insane.

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To be honest, a few of these rides (especially Yo-Yo) did make me a little nervous. I am fine with nearly any roller coaster, but some fair rides do still scare me a bit.

Heck that Remix scared me a heck of a lot more than Millennium Force! I was just singing "Fun, Fun..... Fun in the sun"

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