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  1. I love that we are getting a (family) boomerang! Now the question is, will ours be the first to open, or will Holiday World’s? Also, where will the coaster be located in Planet Snoopy? EDIT: Also, if it’s true that “Camp Snoopy” will just be a portion of Planet Snoopy and not a retheme of the entire area, this will be like when the Green Slime Zone coexisted with Hanna-Barbara land in the mid-90’s.
  2. Looks interesting. I am most intrigued to see the "tilted loop" (aka the inclined loop) as I don't think that has been part of a (new) coaster since the 90's. Also, the inversions seem very rapid-fire. I'm still curious as to why they chose a dive (as Hydra is right across the park) and the name is meh (reminds me of how Pokemon names the "future" Paradox Pokemon lol), but it looks to be a solid addition.
  3. That's a really cool find. How was the Son of Beast tour? Does anyone who went have pictures?
  4. I think KI should have lockers like Kentucky Kingdom, where you get a wristband tied to a locker and when scanned, the locker automatically opens (as opposed to the current system where you gave to remember both a passcode and the locker number) This would be extremely useful in the waterpark, especially since the slip of paper with the locker info could easily get wet (and that’s if it prints at all…)
  5. Has anyone been to the waterpark recently? And if so, have the budget cuts affected attractions over there? The only things I've noticed in regards to budget cuts so far is AE having one train (resulting in what looked like an extremely long line), one Freestyle location open (which is honestly par for the course as Rivertown Freestyle isn't open all the time anyway ) and some reduced ride staffing (though I think the ride ops still do a great job for the most part). That being said, from what I've been reading, I am concerned these cuts may eventually be more noticeable.
  6. You make a good point. When I went almost a month ago, they were out of Vanilla Coke all day at the AP Freestyle (which was the only one open as the Rivertown location was closed and the Juke Box one no longer exists. While that was a major bummer, I do appreciate that Coke Freestyle drinks are not the only option at KI (as they seem to be in some restaurants outside the park). I love fountain Sprite and prefer to get it from an older-style (individual) machine than from a Freestyle machine. I say this because fountain Sprite was literally one of the best parts of this past Sunday’s trip
  7. Sounds like something mechanical related... like perhaps a haunted factory vehicle or something? In any case, it doesn't sound like a likely Dive Coaster theme to me (the automobiles make me think of a launch coaster), but I could be wrong. Perhaps this could be a GCI? We shall see on the 10th...
  8. Agreed. I was surprised not to see him pictured in the Hall of Fame when I walked through that area of Tower Gardens recently.
  9. Just saw the video; this is so cool that it's actually (going to be) a real thing. Reminds me a tad of when Steel Vengeance was announced and I couldn't believe how crazy the ride looked. Also, the "guaranteed rollback" is nice; I never got one when I rode TTD. The next question is, will people count this as a separate credit? I think I will as unlike Son of Beast removing the loop, most of the track (minus I believe the top hat/break run) is all new).
  10. Re: the spinning on the Cargo Loco, I got a crazy ride yesterday as I rode with two other people and we (well, likely just one of the three of us) got it spinning pretty fast. It was the most I've spun since the ride opened (as I usually ride solo). Sol Spin is still an insane ride that's always worth the wait.
  11. Oh. I guess I kept hearing just that verse then (although I may have heard the first verse during the parade). That being said, I do remember the other one more as I kept singing the wrong words lol
  12. I enjoyed Carnivale last night. While I did miss the different pavilions/acts from past years (Chinese acrobats, Bollywood dancing; even last year’s Cirque routine), I still had a lot of fun. The QR code challenge seems to be upgraded from last year (as there is an added workbook with questions to answer about each country - IIRC, in the past it was just “watch a video/take a selfie”) and I think I enjoyed following the parade after it passed by more than seeing the parade itself (which was still fun; it was great seeing familiar faces both in the parade and along the route ). And speaking of the parade, I noticed a lyric change in the main song. In the past it was “Come on in and join us, we’re havin’ a ball”; now it’s “everyone is welcome, come one and come all” (or something like that).
  13. I hope it's open next year... I was looking forward to riding it when I go as it would be a new credit for me, plus it's a 90's coaster.
  14. Off topic, but why is Vortex (at Carowinds ) closed?
  15. That's pretty mind-blowing. And speaking of that coaster, Hydra was my first floorless (and it was pretty cool ). Also, while the wooden shuttle coaster would have been interesting to see, I'm glad they are keeping Possessed.
  16. That would be cool and a signage telling departure times could be themed appropriately (to Rivertown or even the nearby Miami River Lumber Company).
  17. An interesting thing I noticed in the Q&A for KD’s Haunt was mention that the chaperone policy will still be in effect during Haunt. I wonder how this will affect crowd levels.
  18. No, I don't think so. Was it a passholder survey? On that note, I got a park survey a few weeks ago (or maybe it was a month ago? Time flies...). The only interesting question of note was something like "Is there any ride you would not miss if removed?" (it might have said more than ride, like "ride, show, etc."). And I answered Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  19. If you’re thinking of the long beeping noise the ride makes when it starts up, that noise reminds me of the intro to Skillet’s song “Surviving the Game”.
  20. I actually think I’d now agree. Cargo Loco was my (new) favorite, but Sol Spin is just so different from anything else in the park. Also, I love the drum beat audio track in line.
  21. Agreed. Their latest statement was extremely thorough.
  22. Fog in The Bat’s station (or Orion/Diamondback’s drop would be awesome. Also, Banshee covered in fog would also be cool. I once rode Vortex and Beast in fog (natural fog - it was on a summer Midnight close) and it was epic. Going up Beast’s second lift was surreal.
  23. I like it. Reminds me of (pictures I’ve seen of) Stealth at Thorpe Park.
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