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TR: DollyWood 12-18-04

AZ Kinda Guy

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Originally, we were supposed to go to DollyWood awhile back but instead, we went to Niagra Falls and Six Flags Darien Lake. Reason being Dolly had some sold out concerts at the park that weekend so we skipped and went elsewhere seeing how we went back in the Spring. So the time came around for the group to head to DollyWood. Hey we had free tickets and we drive there and back in one day so why the hell not? The group this time consisted of myself, my fly lady Sarah, Lonnie, Chris and his girlfriend Rachel. We left Cincy around 5 AMish and arrived in Dolly parking lot around 11:30 AM.

What's not to say? The place is just great. Great rides, ultra friendly staff, and just a welcome atmosphere. Be warned though, this IS NOT a ride park. It's a show park. For now anyways. However, that in no way tarnishes the parks atmosphere. I can't imagine this place losing focus on what it does best, and that is the atmosphere and it's shows.

Don't be fooled though, the rides they do have kick some pretty good ass. Two awesome coasters, a nice coaster/dark ride, and a nice collection of flat rides. The coasters, ThunderHead and Tennessee Tornado are two awesome coasters. Tennessee Tornado is still smooth as glass even after a few years and it definately hasn't lost it's sensation of speed. It's sad this was the last of the Arrow loopers seeing how they got it right this time. ThunderHead has not lost it's touch one bit and we even got an insane, cold as frick night ride. Sorry folks, it's still better than Beast and the night ride was better than any night ride I've got on Beast.

All in all, a great time with great friends. See ya next year Dolly!

Heres the pics

Note: Once clicking the link, just click the DollyWood album. Let me know what you think of the pics!

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