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TR: Dorney Park, NYC, Knoebles, and Geauga Lake

AZ Kinda Guy

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Pure crazieness....Me(Aaron), Sarah, Amy, Lonnie, Chris, and Rachel

After our spectacular visit last summer and with the introduction of Hydra, my friends and I just had to get back to Dorney this summer. So we did, along with a few other things. Monday was spent at Dorney where we rode Hydra and lots of other attractions. At first we weren't to impressed with the new B&M floorless but our evening rides soon changed our mind this this was one kick ass ride. Not quite as good as Talon but still a kick ass ride. So we conquer Dorney on Monday and decide to do something else. Don't want to go to SFGAdv, nothing else is real close. Hey, lets go to New York City! So we winged it in New York City on Tuesday and got by GREAT! Going there on our trip last summer really helped out on getting us around. Wednesday was supposed to be spent at Lakemont Park but nobody else has been to Knoebles so we stopped there while Chris and Rachel went straight to Lakemont. After leaving Knoebles I get a call from Chris saying Leap-the-Dips was closed for repairs. With Leap-the-Dips being our sole purpose for going to Lakemont we decide to go about 90 mph on Interstate 80 and try to make it to Geauga Lake before closing time. Just as nine oclock rolls around we pull into Geauga Lakes parking lot where we experienced walk on conditions for every ride in the park. After all was said and done, we had been to three parks and New York City in three days. Not to shabby eh?

As always, here's the pics. Look for the "June Trip" album. By the way, there are LOTS of Hydra pics. Let me know what you think!

Click here for the pics

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