Host Robbie Zerhusen (CoastersRZ) is joined by Brad Perdue (IndyGuy4KI) on episode 20 of the KICentral Podcast.  On this episode, we have special guest, Brian Kosmac from Gravity Group. You may have been Brian as an employee at Kings Island in the past. After joining Gravity group he is the engineer who worked on The Racer and working on The Beast track work for the 2022 season. Brian was  a guest speaker at Coasterstock in 2021 talking about the track work for The Racer.

In this episode we talk to Brian about his and Gravity Group’s work on the following:

  • The Racer track work in 2021.
  • Their manufactured prefab track and its advantages.
  • How they use todays technology to improve a classic John Allen coaster.
  • Deep dive into the work they are doing for The Beast for 2022.
  1.  The change in the first drop
  2. Angle change on the turn
  3. Discuss why the track before the brake run is the midcourse tunnel will be raised by approximately four feet.
  4. Discuss the changes on the helix

Learn more about The Gravity Group here: