Park Services

Disability Guides – Detailed brochure describing accommodations for guests with disabilities is available at Guest Relations (located to the right of the turnstiles  along with telecommunications devices (TDD) and assisted listening devices for shows.

First Aid Services – Staffed by medical professionals, the First Aid stations are located in Nick Universe and Soak City (on the left side when entering from the train. KICentral Tip: You may be required to go to first aid for any injury that involves blood.

Group Outings – For groups of 15 or more, and for those interested in catered meals (for groups of 100+), call 1-800-333-8080 Central Tip: Kings Islands catered meals are delicious.

Lockers – Available at the front gate, across from the Festhouse, in Planet Snoopy,  Banshee area, Firehawk area, and multiple locations in Soak City.

Lost Parents – Youngsters can wait for misplaced parents at the Baby Care Center located in Planet Snoopy or at SoakCity. Central Tip: Parents can also report and wait for lost children here. If your child becomes lost or separated, instruct them to go the the Baby Care Center, or look for a park security guard than will take them. If you loose a child, time is of the essence, find a security guard immediately to assist you.

Paging Policy – Loud speaker paging is only allowed in a verified medical or police emergency.  KICentral Tip: If you are going with a group with members without cell phones, arrange to meet at a certain place like the Eiffel Tower.

Pets – Park your pet at the Kings Island Pet Care Center located on the left of the parks front gate during park operating hours. There is a $10 fee and food and walking is not provided. Seeing-eye-dogs are allowed in the park at no cost.

Rainchecks – Sorry, there are no refunds or rain checks  Re admittance – If you leave the park for any reason and wish to return the same day, you need to get your hand stamped (right side of turnstyles as your leaving). If you leave the parking lot, you must present your parking receipt upon re-entry.

Security Personnel – If you need assistance, ask any park employee or go to Guest Relations and they can page security for you.

Strollers/Wheelchairs – Strollers are available for rent on a first come first serve basis. There are electric wheelchairs available for rent as well  Located on the left side of International Street as you come in the entrance. Soak City Season Pass Entrance – Is only for use by season pass holders with a photo ID card. All other guests and those without photo season passes must enter thought the main gate. The parks information line is 1-800-288-0808 or 513-754-5700. Park maps are provided free of cost as you enter through the main gate.