50th Anniversary Updates in 2022 – Link to thread

Last Updated Feb 2015. Info compiled from forum members and BB1. Link to thread.

1. Son of Beast’s Station along with its chain lift mechanism, To see them, one should ride the Blue Racer, WindSeeker, or the Eiffel Tower in the back of the park.

2. The lights from Lion Country Safari are directly under Congo Falls.

3. There are several Footers from the original Bat under Vortex and right next to the Station. Also the maintenance doors have two holes in them( obviously to incorporate The Bat’s suspended track). Along with The Bat’s Station (except it was Orange not Blue.) and the stairs leading up the first lift hill on Vortex are from The Bat.

4. Going back to Son of Beast the queue line is still there and also whats left of the Track sticks out of the Station.

5. The original Enchanted Theater exit is still there; It is next to The Great Pumpkin Coaster ( the big mural of Baron Snoopy in the Pumpkin Patch). The doors are still there and they are now used for CarnEVIL’s exit during Haunt; of which The Great Pumpkin Coaster’s loading platform shelter  was originally used for The Smurf’s Enchanted Voyage.

6. Flight Commander’s Queue is still there, which was used for Kill Mart.

7. Phantom Theater’s entire queue line is present along with the Maestro’s Balcony and Spooky faces that I think were supposed to be Maestro are in the Hallway. They’ve got boards on them and glowing red eyes and are all from Phantom Theater. Maestro’s Profile Photo is one of the many in the hallway, who looks like the Maestro. Also Kings Island has a plethora of the Animatronics and the Phantom Theater Mouse is used in Board to Death. Along with the Boiler Room furnace in Slaughterhouse Reloaded towards the end of that maze. A cut out was located in Kill Mart. There was also a few Phantom Theater things in Madame Fatales Cavern of Terror.

8. There were a few King Cobra Footers still present behind Slingshot next to Banshee but they have been removed. Also King Cobra’s Chain along with other parts of it might be in Flight of Fear. Although the trains from King Cobra were moved back in 2008 to Kings Dominion to be used as spare parts for ShockWave; a clone of King Cobra down in Virginia. Those trains were in Flight of Fear but now are next to Volcano:The Blast Coaster from what has been researched.

9. The Paramount’s Kings Island trams are clearly visible from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

10. Der Spinnen Keggers’ flag poles are still visible in OktoberFest next to the Viking Fury.

11. Sky Ride’s Footer now has a tree in it in the Joseph Moerlien Bier Garten.

12. Top Gun’s Stars on the over head road leading to The Bat are still visible.

13. SkyLab’s queue line is now a prize storage room facility.

14. Tomb Raider:The Ride’s photo booth is still next to the Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror, of which it is now used as a Haunt prop.

15. The go-carts from Thunder Alley are visible from Firehawk’s queue and lift hill.

16. A majority of the Scooby Doo and The Haunted Castle props are still in use, except in modified forms.

17. The track from Phantom Theater is still in operation.

18. A few Haunt seasons ago the Phantom Theater buggies were on display at Kings Island for Haunt.

19. The old FACE/OFF sign in the original colors are still visible as the entrance of the Invertigo attraction.

20. Many of the Wild County Safari buildings remain except you have no way of accessing them. Along with the Trams from the Safari are at Jungle Jim’s down the road; all except for the old restaurant, which is now the Chicken Shack.

21. Cars from the Jetson’s Ride were also on display next to the Eiffel Tower for Haunt.

22. The Crypt’s seats are stored inside Flight of Fear and The Bat Demon is used for Madam Fatale’s Cavern of Terror in the original location.

23. The Son of Beast had a car on display next to the Eiffel Tower for Haunt.

24. The old Flight of Fear cars are stored inside Flight of Fear and there are some also behind Banshee, behind Son of Beast’s old Rosebowl Double Helix, and near where the Son of Beast station is now.

25. The Flying Dutchman’s launch pad is now the entrance to The Adventure Express.

26. Various Paramount Parks logos around the Kings Island property.

27. Guest Services BB stand is still noticeable from the Eiffel Tower.

28.  The old Paramount plaques in the Tower Gardens are face down/The old Paramount stars were still visible.

29. Old WaterWorks buildings still exist in Soak City

30. The old Boomerang Bay Kookaburra Bay fish on the semi submerged seating platform are still visible.