Opened: 1972

Closed: 2005

Location: Hanna-Barbera Land (today known as Planet Snoopy), approximately where Snoopy vs. Red Baron now is

Former Names: Squiddly Diddly (1972-1981), Jabber Jaw’s Tubs (1982-1997). At times referred to as Jabberjaw’s Tubs or Jabber Jaws Tubs.

Manufacturer: Ralph E. Chambers Company

Model: Junior Tumble Bug

Vehicles: Three vehicles

Description: Boo Boo’s Baggage Claim was a junior tumble bug attraction, with three ride vehicles traveling around a circular track with undulating hills on one side. 

History: Boo Boo’s Baggage Claim originally opened at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in 1967 as The Turtle. When it was relocated to Kings Island for its 1972 opening, it was renamed Squiddly Diddly after a segment in The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. In the center of the ride was a cut-out of the character Squiddly Diddly from the show.

The ride was renamed Jabber Jaw’s Tubs in 1982, off the character Jabberjaw from the show of the same name. A fiberglass figure of Jabberjaw, identical to the Jabberjaw figure on the nearby Hanna-Barbera Carousel, was put in the center of the ride.

The attraction received its third and final change in 1998, when it became Boo Boo’s Baggage Claim, off of the character Boo-Boo Bear from The Yogi Bear Show. The Jabberjaw figure was removed and the ride vehicles were repainted to look like luggage.

The attraction was closed and removed after the 2005 season.