Opened: 1972

Closed: 1976

Location: Coney Island (today known as Coney Mall), current location of Coney Bar-B-Que

Manufacturer: Philadelphia Toboggan Company

Model: Cuddle Up

Description: Cuddle Up was similar to a spinning teacup ride, only the spinning teacups would travel in a series of tangent circles. This would create several “near miss” moments as the cars passed each other.

History: Cuddle Up first opened at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in 1930. It shared the same building as Dodgem and The Whip at Cincinnati’s Coney Island, but only Dodgem was relocated to the new park with Cuddle Up. The marquees for both rides were also relocated and attached to the new building.

Cuddle Up’s last season was 1976. It was replaced in 1977 with Fascination, a competitive midway game. The building that Cuddle Up was located in remained standing through 2017, when it was demolished to make way for Coney Bar-B-Que for the 2018 season.

Cuddle Up is one of Kings Island’s most forgotten attractions. This is likely because it only operated for five years and was one of the first rides removed from the new park. In addition, its location inside a building makes photos and videos of the ride rarer than those of other park rides.