Opened: 1972

Closed: 1989

Location: Oktoberfest, current location of Airbrush shop

Former Names: Often misidentified as “Der Spinning Keggers”; sometimes written as the singular Der Spinnen Kegger

Manufacturer: Intamin

Model: Drunken Barrels

Vehicles: 18 barrel-shaped tubs split between three rotating platforms on a large 39-foot diameter platform

Description: Der Spinnen Keggers was a spinning flat ride comparable to the classic spinning tea cups ride, only the whole platform would tilt upward at a slight angle once the ride cycle began. Each ride vehicle was themed as a barrel with alcoholic beverages printed on its side, including “gin”, “rum”, and “XXXX”. 

History: Der Spinnen Keggers opened with the park and was built new for Kings Island. The ride’s platform was originally all red, but by the end of its first season the smaller turntables had been painted yellow, blue, and green. The ride was also surrounded by colorful flags and pennants by the end of its first season.

The ride was modified in the early 1980s when the tops of the barrel-shaped tubs were removed. This change occurred sometime between 1981 and 1983.

1989 was the final season for Der Spinnen Keggers. It was replaced with a new airbrush shop the following year, although two flag poles that previously surrounded the ride were left in place. The poles still remain, sans flags, and are in a batch of trees near Viking Fury.