Opened: 1972

Closed: 1981

Location: Oktoberfest, approximately current location of Action Zone entrance (1972-1973), approximately left side of current location of Festhaus (1974-1981)

Manufacturer: Chance Manufacturing

Model: Rotor

Speed: 33 rpm

Description: Rotor was a stick-to-the-walls spinning flat ride. Guest would stand against the walls of a large circular drum and be pressed against it by centrifugal forces as it begun to spin. The drum’s floor would then lower, leaving the guests suspended above the floor as the drum continued to spin.

History: Rotor first opened at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in 1969. It was the park’s second Rotor, the first having opened in the 1950s. When it was relocated to Kings Island for its 1972 opening, the signature “ROTOR” marquee on the front of the ride was not re-installed.

Rotor was relocated from the right side of the Bavarian Beetle roller coaster to the left side of it in 1974. This was to accommodate a new midway to the new Lion Country Safari area.

1981 was the final season for Rotor. During its ten seasons at the park, Rotor gave 6,280,935 rides.