Opened: 1972

Closed: 1985

Location: Coney Island (today known as Coney Mall), current location of Coca-Cola Marketplace in Oktoberfest

Former Names: At times referred to as Tumblebug

Manufacturer: Traver Engineering

Model: Tumble Bug

Vehicles: Five large tubs, painted red with white stripe (later without stripes)

Description: Tumble Bug was an old amusement ride that was comparable to a small roller coaster. Guests would board large circular tubs that traveled around a large circular track. The track included a series of small hills, bouncing riders up-and-down as they traveled over them. 

History: Tumble Bug originally opened at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in 1925, making it one of Kings Island’s oldest rides. Although the ride vehicles, mechanical components, and signage were relocated from the old park, a new track was built for the ride at Kings Island. The original track remained standing at Cincinnati’s Coney Island for several years before being removed.

The ride last operated in 1985. After its closure, it was sold to Kennywood amusement park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be used as spare parts on their identical ride. It was replaced in 1986 with Skylab.