Eiffel Tower

Name: Eiffel Tower

Opened in: 1972

Height: 331 feet, 6 inches

Hourly Capacity: 1,200 people per hour

Elevators: 2, forty-person elevators

Platform Capacity: 150 people

Top Platform Height: 275 feet

Paint Color: Eiffel Tower

Manufacturer: Intamin AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Steel Fabricator: Southern Ohio Fabricators, located in Batavia, Ohio

Amount of Steel: 450 tons

Construction Time: One month after steel arrived at the park.

Location: International Street

Cost: $1.2 million

Ridership: 38,681,807 riders since 1972, 7th most in park history. Its record year was 1972 when 1,618,460 rides were given. (Numbers through the 2019 season).

Miscellaneous: The ride was originally planned to be built at Coney Island on the site of the Lost River, but management decided to not install the park at Coney but to wait to install it at Kings Island. There used to be a 50-foot observation platform accessible by stairs, but that has been closed for many years now. For the first Fear Fest, the park had a haunted house on the observation platform at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Originally they had planned to remove one of the metal floorboards and replace it with thick plexi-glass so that guests would have to walk across it, being able to see straight down more than 250 feet. Ultimately the park decided that was too scary and they scrapped the idea. The paint for the Eiffel Tower is called Eiffel Tower. Originally, the tower was painted by Sherwin Williams and was used by them in many of their advertisements. New elevators were installed in 2004. And new elevator cables and a fresh coat of paint debuted in 2005.


Eiffel Tower’s 50ft Observation Deck